53ER87. Emergency Rule For Year 1987  

53ER87-1. Scope
53ER87-2. Statement of Philosophy
53ER87-3. Department Personnel Policy
53ER87-4. Code of Ethics
53ER87-5. Definitions
53ER87-6. Personnel Program
53ER87-7. Classification and Pay Plan
53ER87-8. Uniform Hours of Work, Holidays and Leave
53ER87-9. Other Personnel Rules
53ER87-10. Purpose
53ER87-11. Findings
53ER87-12. Definitions
53ER87-13. Procurement of Commodities and Services
53ER87-14. Contracting with Vendors
53ER87-15. Procurement of Motor Vehicles, Watercraft, and Aircraft
53ER87-16. Notice of Decision, Intended Award and Protest Procedures
53ER87-17. Venue
53ER87-18. Disqualification from Doing Business with the Department
53ER87-19. Minority Business Enterprise Program
53ER87-20. Purpose
53ER87-21. Findings
53ER87-22. Definitions
53ER87-23. Procurement of Professional Services, Construction Management and Design-Build Projects
53ER87-24. Leasing of Facilities
53ER87-25. Land Acquisition
53ER87-26. Contracting of Construction Work
53ER87-27. Purpose
53ER87-28. Statement of Necessity
53ER87-29. Definitions
53ER87-30. Confidential Information
53ER87-31. Purpose
53ER87-32. Definitions
53ER87-33. Application
53ER87-34. Eligibility for Contract
53ER87-35. Granting of Contracts and Certificate of Authority
53ER87-36. Retailer's Responsibilities as Lottery Representatives
53ER87-37. Change in Business Location, Structure or Ownership
53ER87-38. Loss of Contract or Certificate of Authority
53ER87-39. Prohibited Acts; Penalties
53ER87-40. Termination of Contract
53ER87-41. Accountability
53ER87-42. Sale of Tickets
53ER87-43. Procedure for Awarding Prizes
53ER87-44. Compensation
53ER87-45. Delivery of Tickets