5B-62.015. Scion Trees  

Effective on Wednesday, February 25, 2015
  • 1Scion trees shall be propagated from foundation trees, be registered on a Certificate of Source Tree Registration, FDACS-08072, Revised 03/14, as incorporated in Rule 255B-62.005, 26F.A.C., and must meet the following requirements:

    33(1) Scion tree planting is witnessed by the department on Growers Record of Registered Scion Tree Movement, FDACS-08071, Revised 03/14, as incorporated in Rule 575B-62.005, 58F.A.C.

    59(2) Registered scion trees shall be vigorous, productive, and horticulturally true-to-type and shall have borne fruit75.

    76(3) Scion trees on which annual registration fees are not paid shall be removed from the protected greenhouse within 30 days of the second notification from the department.

    104(4) Scion trees found infected with a pathogen shall be removed from the protected greenhouse within 10 days of notification of test results from the department.

    130(5) Scion trees shall meet all the requirements in Rule 1405B-62.012, 141F.A.C., for source trees.

    145(6) All scion trees must be located in a structure as described in Rule 1595B-62.010, 160F.A.C.

    161Rulemaking Authority 570164.16507(23), 581167.168031(1), (3), (8) FS172. 173Law Implemented 175570.07(2), 176(13), 177581.031(1), 178(14), (17), (23) FS. History–New 12-26-06, Amended 2-25-15.


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