5C-22.003. Procedures, General  

Effective on Monday, July 3, 1995
  • 1(1) The premises where the horse(s) is (are) to be quarantined must be state-approved prior to requesting the import permit from USDA.

    23(2) The owner must enter into a quarantine agreement which includes reference to the appropriate federal requirements for quarantine release as stated in 469 C.F.R. §§92.304(a)(5) 49or 92.304(a)(8) (1994).

    52(3) The attending veterinarian will perform all required examinations and collections of materials for culture. Payment for these services shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of the horse(s).

    82(4) Professional services required by subsection (2), above, will be directly supervised at all times by a supervising veterinarian. Costs of these services will be as provided in Rule 1115C-22.011, 112F.A.C.

    113(5) Materials. Title 1169 C.F.R. §92.304 119(1994) is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference. Copies may be obtained from the United States Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop SSOP, Washington D.C. 20402-9328.

    147Rulemaking Authority 149585.002(4), 150585.08(2)(a) FS. 152Law Implemented 154585.11(1), 155585.145, 156585.16, 157585.17, 158585.23 FS. 160History–New 6-3-93, Amended 7-3-95.


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