5C-31.001. Definitions  

Effective on Thursday, September 4, 2014
  • 1(1) Approved Livestock Facility. A livestock market or stockyard under state or federal veterinary supervision where livestock are assembled and that has been approved under 269 C.F.R. §71.20 29(2013), as incorporated in Rule 345C-31.006, 35F.A.C.

    36(2) Approved Tagging Site. A site or location specifically approved by the department to apply official individual identification to cattle.

    56(3) Approved Tagging Site Manager. The individual responsible for an approved tagging site.

    69(4) Cattle. Any bull, steer, ox, cow, heifer, calf, or any other bovine animal including bison.

    85(5) Moved directly. The transport of cattle, without offloading, from one premises to another.

    99(6) Official Individual Identification. An individual animal identification that uniquely identifies the animal, the premises of origin or the premises where the animal was uniquely identified, and the state in which the official individual identification was applied, and

    137(a) Is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture in accordance with 1509 C.F.R. §86.4(a)(1) 153(2013) as incorporated in Rule 1585C-31.006, 159F.A.C., or

    161(b) Is submitted to the department and verified by the department as meeting the requirements for official individual identification such that state officials can determine the herd in which the animal was officially identified.

    195(7) Premises Identification Number. A nationally unique number assigned by a state, tribal and/or federal animal health authority to a premises that is, in the judgment of the state, tribal and/or federal animal health authority, a geographically distinct location from other premises.

    237(8) Premises of Origin. The farm or ranch at which the official individual identification is applied, or if the official identification is applied at an approved tagging site, the farm or ranch from which the cattle have been brought to the approved tagging site.

    281(9) Purchaser. The new owner of the cattle purchased during or as part of an auction or sale at an Approved Livestock Facility.

    304(10) Recognized Slaughter Establishment. Any slaughter establishment operating under the provisions of the Federal Meat Inspection Act (32221 U.S.C. §§601 325et seq.) as incorporated in subsection 3315C-3.001(36), 332F.A.C., or the state meat inspection act of the state in which the establishment is located.

    348Rulemaking Authority 350534.071, 351570.07(23), 352585.002(4), 353585.08(2)(a) FS. 355Law Implemented 357570.07(15), 358585.08(2)(a), 359585360.11, 361585.145 FS. 363History‒New 2-19-14, Amended 9-4-14.


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