5C-31.002. Application of Official Individual Identification  

Effective on Wednesday, February 19, 2014
  • 1(1) Official individual identification may be applied by a cattle owner, veterinarian, or other person employed or contracted by an owner on an owner’s premises; or at an approved tagging site, by the tagging site manager or a person employed by such manager.

    44(2) Official individual identification may be obtained:

    51(a) From United States Department of Agriculture Approved Providers as provided in 639 C.F.R. § 86.4(a)(1) 67(2013), as incorporated in Rule 725C-31.006, 73F.A.C.

    74(b) From Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Animal Industry at no charge. Official individual identification tags may be requested using the form entitled Request For Official Identification Devices, FDACS-09246, Rev. 12/13, as incorporated in Rule 1135C-31.006, 114F.A.C. In order to obtain official identification devices from the department, a premises identification number is required. The premises identification number can be applied for using the form the Application for Premises Registration, FDACS-09215, Rev. 05/13, as incorporated in Rule 1545C-31.006, 155F.A.C. The department shall provide written notification containing a premises identification number to the applicant upon approval.

    172Rulemaking Authority 174534.071, 175570.07(23), 176585.002(4), 177585.08(2)(a) FS. 179Law Implemented 181570.07(15), 182585.08(2)(a), 183585.11, 184585.145 FS. 186History187‒New 2-19-14.


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