5C-5.004. Dealer Registration and Record Keeping  

Effective on Sunday, June 4, 1995
  • 1(1) Every livestock market and dealer shall keep complete records containing the names and addresses of persons, firms and partnerships or corporations bringing to or offering livestock for sale at such markets or to such dealers. Such records shall show the name and address of the owner of said livestock, and the names and addresses of the purchaser or purchasers of said livestock.

    64(2) Any dealer who purchases, deals in, or sells cattle; or who acts as a commission representative or broker; or who operates and conducts an auction where cattle are sold must be licensed and bonded. Each registered or licensed person, firm or corporation shall keep sufficient records, for a minimum of two years, of all test-eligible animals purchased for resale to successfully trace such animals to their herd of origin. Any dealer or firm involved may be denied registration or have their registration suspended or cancelled when one of the following occurs:

    156(a) There is adequate evidence to establish intent to violate or circumvent record keeping requirements of this section and/or animal health regulations;

    178(b) There is a demonstrated history of repeated inability to trace back to the point of origin those exposed or reactor animals handled by the dealer.

    204Rulemaking Authority 206585.002(4), 207585.08(2) FS. 209Law Implemented 211585.14, 212585.145(1), 213(2) FS. History–Amended 9-1-72, 9-30-80, Formerly 5C-5.04, Amended 6-4-95.


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