5C-9.004. Movements from Systematic Tick Eradication Area  

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  • 1(1) Cattle, horses, mules or asses originating in quarantined areas in which systematic tick eradication is being conducted, may be shipped or moved into tick free or other systematic tick eradication areas provided such animals have been inspected, found free of ticks, and dipped or otherwise treated in an approved solution as directed by a representative of the department, and moved to destination under authority of an official permit.

    70(2) Transportation companies, trucking companies or individuals shall furnish clean and disinfected cars, boats, trucks, planes, or other vehicles for cattle, horses, mules or asses moving under provisions of subsection (1) and deliver such animals to destination without exposure to tick infestation enroute.

    113(3) All stock yards, pens, lots, chutes, or other equipment in an area in which systematic tick eradication is being conducted shall be cleaned and disinfected under official supervision before they are used for the receipt of cattle, horses, mules, or asses for transportation as provided in subsection (1).

    162(4) Cars, boats, trucks, planes, or other vehicles, pens, lots, chutes, or other equipment used in the movement of cattle, horses, mules or asses, shall be cleaned of all bedding, manure, or other litter, and disinfected by the transportation company or owner under supervision of a representative of the department with an approved 5% cresylic solution, or its equivalent.

    221Rulemaking Authority 223585.002(3), 224585.08(2), 225585.24(4), (5) FS. Law Implemented 230585.08(1), 231585.16, 232585.145(1), 233(2) FS. History–New 6-29-62, Formerly 5C-9.04.