5F-11. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection  

5F-11.001. Definitions (Transferred)
5F-11.002. Standards of National Fire Protection Association Adopted (Transferred)
5F-11.004. Bureau of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection Forms (Transferred)
5F-11.005. Lack of Trustworthiness (Transferred)
5F-11.011. Effect of Revocation or Suspension Upon Reapplication for Licensure (Transferred)
5F-11.012. Installer Licenses (Transferred)
5F-11.013. Minimum Storage as Relates to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Transferred)
5F-11.021. Testing and Repairing Containers (Transferred)
5F-11.022. Marking of Containers; Posting of Owner Contact Information at Dealer Locations (Transferred)
5F-11.023. Manufacturer's Data Sheets Covering ASME Tanks (Transferred)
5F-11.025. Color Scheme for Piping Identification (Transferred)
5F-11.026. Unsafe Container or System (Transferred)
5F-11.027. Approval of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers (Transferred)
5F-11.028. Installation of Containers on Roofs of Buildings (Transferred)
5F-11.029. Inspection of DOT Cylinders (Transferred)
5F-11.033. Truck Safety; Regulations (Transferred)
5F-11.034. Transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas by Pipeline (Transferred)
5F-11.041. Underground Installations (Transferred)
5F-11.042. Underground Tanks; Regulators (Transferred)
5F-11.043. Out of Service Account Procedure (Transferred)
5F-11.044. Out-of-gas, Leak Call, and Interrupted Service Procedure (Transferred)
5F-11.045. Dispensing Units (Transferred)
5F-11.046. Introducing Gas into Containers for Transportation; Dealer to Insure Compliance (Transferred)
5F-11.047. Connecting or Disconnecting Containers, Tanks, or Systems; Notice to Owner; Transportation (Transferred)
5F-11.048. Cylinder Exchange Units (Transferred)
5F-11.049. Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Limited (Transferred)
5F-11.050. Installation of Unvented Room Heaters (Transferred)
5F-11.051. Construction Notification (Transferred)
5F-11.060. Documentation of Training, General (Transferred)
5F-11.061. Qualifier and Master Qualifier Examinations; Applicant Qualifications (Transferred)
5F-11.062. Approved Courses of Continuing Education (Transferred)
5F-11.063. Approval of Outside Vendor Training Programs (Transferred)
5F-11.064. Renewal of Qualifier and Master Qualifier Certificates (Transferred)
5F-11.065. Re-examination Procedures (Transferred)
5F-11.066. Reporting of Qualifier and Master Qualifier Vacancies (Transferred)
5F-11.070. Definitions (Transferred)
5F-11.071. Rate of Assessments; Effective Date (Transferred)
5F-11.072. Payment of Assessments; Penalties (Transferred)
5F-11.073. Payment Agreements; Purchaser Responsibilities (Transferred)
5F-11.074. Audits (Transferred)
5F-11.078. Facility Inspection Report; Vehicle Inspection Report; Notice of Required Correction; and Failure to Correct (Transferred)
5F-11.080. Enforcement Actions and Administrative Penalties (Transferred)
5F-11.082. Resolution of Violations, Settlement, and Additional Enforcement Remedies (Transferred)