5I-4.003. Vehicular, Animal and Pedestrian Control  

Effective on Sunday, August 28, 2016
  • 1(1) All traffic laws of the State are applicable to managed lands except designated OHV recreation areas or as otherwise provided by these rules.

    25(2) No person shall operate any motor vehicle on managed lands at a speed greater than 30 m.p.h., unless otherwise posted.

    46(3) The speed limit in developed recreational areas such as camping facilities and day use areas is 10 m.p.h., unless otherwise posted.

    68(4) No person shall drive any vehicle on managed lands at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions or in such a manner that disregards the actual and potential hazards.

    102(5) No person shall operate any motor vehicle on managed lands except on designated roads, parking areas, or other areas established and specifically identified by the Service.

    129(6) No person shall operate any off-highway vehicle on managed lands except in areas designated specifically for their use or unless specifically authorized by the Service.

    155(7) No person shall operate a motor vehicle on managed lands unless the vehicle displays a valid license tag and is operated by a properly licensed driver.

    182(8) No motor vehicles are permitted on any sand bar along or within the streams of any managed lands, or on any other area specifically prohibited by the Service.

    211(9) No person shall operate or ride an off-highway vehicle on managed lands unless such person is wearing protective headgear and adheres to the other operating provisions of Sections 240316.211, 241316.2074 242and 243316.2085, F.S.

    245(10) No person shall leave an unattended vehicle on any designated road or trail in such a 262manner as to obstruct traffic.

    267(11) No person shall takeoff or land an aircraft on managed lands, except at a runway or a helispot and only with authorization from the Service, 293and such authorization shall be based upon a determination that the takeoff or landing will not endanger the health, safety or welfare of any person; potentially damage the forest resources; or interfere with management objectives of that forest as provided in that forest’s management plan338. Authorization from the Service is not required 346in an emergency or for Service official business354.

    355(12) No person shall bring horses or horse trailers into camping facilities, unless allowed in a designated facility or with written permission granted by the Service. The Service will grant permission upon a determination that there is no threat to public safety, or to the condition of the camping facilities and that the horses and horse trailers do not constitute a nuisance.

    417(13) No person shall ride or lead horses off designated horse trails or field trial runs, or on unnamed or unnumbered forest roads, except upon showing that a special request has been made to, and written permission granted by, the Service. No person shall stage, ride or lead any horse on managed lands except on a designated trail or at a designated trailhead or designated access points. The Service will grant permission upon a determination that there is no threat to public safety or to the condition of these particular areas and those acts do not constitute a nuisance.

    516(14) No person shall ride horses before sunrise or after sunset on designated horse trails that are located on designated roads.

    537(15) No person shall bring any horse onto managed lands without having in their possession a record of a current negative Coggins test for Equine Infectious Anemia as required by Rule 5685C-18.010, 569F.A.C.

    570(16) Hiking trails and nature trails are for foot traffic only unless the trails follow designated roads or are part of trails designated for multi-use.

    595(17) Unless otherwise posted, designated roads and trails are open year round.

    607(18) The Service will temporarily or permanently close any road, trail, facility, or area, or restrict the use thereof upon determination that there is a danger to the health, safety and welfare of any person; potential damage to the resources; or when it is determined necessary in the proper management of the forest.

    660Rulemaking Authority 662589.011(4), 663589.071 FS. 665Law Implemented 667589.04, 668589.071 FS. 670History–New 5-24-92, Amended 1-19-95, 11-6-95, 5-31-04, 5-16-12, 9-30-15, 8-28-16.


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