5J-17.032. Content of Examination  

Effective on Monday, November 13, 2017
  • 1(1) The Fundamentals Examination shall be on surveying and mapping fundamentals and will include questions taken from subjects normally connected with requirements for basic fundamentals in the practice of surveying and mapping. The examination problems selection is made by the NCEES.

    42(2) The Principles and Practice Examination shall be based on professional practice and principles in surveying and mapping and will involve the applicant’s finding solutions to problems designed to test the applicant’s ability to apply acceptable surveying and mapping practice to problems which are representative of those commonly encountered in the profession of surveying and mapping. The examination problem selection is made by the NCEES.

    107(3) The Florida Jurisdictional Examination shall be based on Florida’s laws and rules regarding the practice of surveying and mapping. The following areas shall be tested on the examination and will be weighted approximately as designated:


    144Area Tested

    146Assigned Weight

    148Chapter 177, Part I, F.S.

    153Chapter 177, Part II, F.S.

    158Chapter 161, F.S.

    161Chapter 62B-33, F.A.C.

    164Chapter 177, Part III, F.S.


    170Coastal Mapping



    172Restoration of Corners


    176Chapter 472, F.S.

    179Land Surveying and Mapping


    184Chapter 718, F.S.



    189Chapter 95, F.S.

    192Adverse Possession


    195Rules 1965J-17.001 197to 1985J-17.007, 199F.A.C.

    200Rules 2015J-17.010 202to 2035J-17.016, 204F.A.C.

    205Rules 2065J-17.040 207to 2085J-17.047, 209F.A.C.

    210Rules 2115J-17.050 212to 2135J-17.053, 214F.A.C.

    215Rules 2165J-17.060 217to 2185J-17.062, 219F.A.C.

    220Rules 2215J-17.080 222to 2235J-17.085, 224F.A.C.

    225Organization & Purpose

    228Grounds for Discipline

    231Continuing Education

    233Standards of Practice

    236Seals, Signatures andCertificates of Authorization






    243Chapter 472, F.S., and


    247Section 248287.055, F.S.

    250Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – General


    259Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act



    264Rulemaking Authority 266472.0131, 267472.027 FS. 269Law Implemented 271472.0131, 272472.027 FS. 274History–New 1-3-80, Amended 1-25-84, Formerly 21HH-4.02, Amended 9-16-87, 12-13-88, 8-30-92, Formerly 21HH-4.002, Amended 5-30-95, 5-17-99, 7-9-00, 10-31-08, Formerly 29261G17-4.002, 293Amended 5-11-15, 11-13-17.


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