5J-17.039. Licensure, Inactive Status, Delinquent Status, Reactivation  

Effective on Monday, November 13, 2017
  • 1(1) Biennial Licensing: Licensees, except as may be provided in Chapter 472, F.S., must renew their license each biennial period. Biennial period shall mean a period of time consisting of two 12 month calendar years. The biennial period for the purposes of the Board shall commence and continue on March 1 of each odd numbered year. The application for renewal shall be considered timely filed if the payment received in the form of a money order, sufficiently funded check, or electronic draft in the correct amount is postmarked prior to midnight on the date of expiration of the license or has been delivered by the close of business on the date of expiration of the license or the licensee has submitted an electronic renewal through the Department’s website, https://csapp.800helpfla.com/csrep. If that date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the day of expiration shall be the first working day after the expiration date on the license. The licensee must meet all continuing education requirements as specified in this chapter.

    171(2) Inactive Status:

    174(a) A licensee may choose inactive licensure status at the time of renewal by filing a notice with the Department through the Department’s website accompanied by the appropriate fee as set forth in Rule 2085J-17.070, 209F.A.C. Such notice and fee must be received in accordance with this chapter to be timely.

    225(b) An inactive status licensee may change to active status at any time, provided the licensee meets all the requirements for active status, pays any additional licensure fees necessary to equal those imposed on an active status licensee, pays any applicable reactivation fees as set by the Board, pays any outstanding fines or costs, and meets all continuing education requirements as specified in this chapter.

    290(c) Failure to renew an inactive license prior to the applicable renewal deadline shall cause the license to become delinquent.

    310(3) Delinquent Status:

    313(a) If a licensee fails to complete all license renewal requirements and submit a timely and complete application, the license shall revert to delinquent status.

    338(b) A delinquent status licensee may apply for active or inactive status any time during the biennial licensure cycle. A complete application, the renewal fee, and a delinquent fee shall be required. The license of a delinquent licensee that does not achieve active or inactive status before the end of the current biennial licensure period shall become null and void by operation of law and without further action by the Department or the Board. Subsequent licensure will require meeting all the requirements for initial licensure or complying with the procedure set forth in Rule 4325J-17.048, 433F.A.C.

    434Rulemaking Authority 436472.006, 437472.0202 FS. 439Law Implemented 441472.006, 442472.0202 FS. 444History–New 10-17-12, Amended 11-13-17.


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