5J-17.040. Continuing Education Requirements for Reactivation of Inactive License  

Effective on Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • 1A license which has been inactive for more than one year may be reactivated upon application to the Department and demonstration to the Board by the licensee of having completed one (1) continuing education credit in surveying and mapping related courses or seminars per inactive month up to a maximum of forty-eight (48) continuing education credits which must be completed within one year prior to the date of application for reactivation. This education for licensure reactivation shall be related to the licensee’s field of practice and shall include a minimum of six (6) hours of Standards of Practice continuing education credits. Verification of the above-mentioned education shall be in the form of a continuing education course certificate of completion that complies with subsection 1245J-17.044(2), 125F.A.C.

    126Rulemaking Authority 128472.019(2), 129472.027 FS. 131Law Implemented 133472.019(2), 134472.027 FS. 136History–New 10-29-80, Formerly 21HH-5.01, Amended 2-7-91, Formerly 21HH-5.001, Amended 3-28-94, 5-30-95, 10-13-97, 6-29-00, 6-22-03, 6-20-06, 1-29-07, Formerly 15361G17-5.001, 154Amended 5-11-15, 11-13-17, 7-15-18.


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