5J-17.050. Definitions  

Effective on Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • 1As used in this chapter, the following terms have the following meanings:

    13(1) Benchmark: a point, natural or artificial, bearing a marked position whose elevation above or below an adopted datum plane is known.

    35(2) 36Boundary Survey: a survey, the primary purpose of which is to document the perimeter50s, 51or any 53portion thereof, 55of a parcel or tract of land by establishing or re-establishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines, such as for the purposes of describing the parcel, locating fixed improvements on the parcel, dividing the parcel, or platting.

    91(3) Computation records: Calculations and/or numerical values that are derived from measurements. These records include coordinate geometry data, coordinate list, computer aided drafting files, horizontal and vertical traverse closure, and adjustment computations.

    123(4) 124Conflict of Interest: a conflict between one’s duty to act for the benefit of the public or a specific individual or entity, and the interests of self or others; which conflict has the potential of influencing, or the appearance of influencing, the exercise of one’s professional judgment in carrying out that duty.

    176(5) Corner: a point on a land boundary that designates a change in direction, for example: points of curvature, points of tangency, points of compound curvature and so forth.

    205(6) 206Faithful Agent: a licensee acting in professional surveying matters who safeguards as confidential any information obtained by the licensee as to the business affairs, technical methods or processes of a client or employer, and who avoids or discloses a conflict of interest that might influence the licensee’s actions or judgment.

    256(7) Map of Survey (or Survey Map): a graphical or digital depiction of the facts of size, shape, identity, geodetic location, or legal location determined by a survey. The term “Map of Survey” (Survey Map) includes the terms: Sketch of Survey, Plat of Survey, or other similar titles. “Map of Survey” or “Survey Map” may also be referred to as “a map” or “the map.”

    321(8) Measurement records: Sufficient d326ata that can be used to reconstruct the measurements, including but not limited to angles and distances to determine locations of fixed improvements, property corners and other points on a survey. These records include field notes, angle and distance measurements and raw data files.

    370(9) Monument: an artificial or natural object that is permanent or semipermanent and used or presumed to occupy any real property corner, any point on a boundary line, or any reference point or other point to be used for horizontal or vertical control.

    413(10) Remote Sensing: The process of acquiring knowledge about physical features by analyzing data obtained from instrumentation located at a distance from the features being examined.

    439(11) Survey: The result of any professional service or work resulting from the practice of Surveying and Mapping as defined in chapter 472, F.S., which includes, As-built/Record Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Construction Layout Surveys, Condominium Surveys, Construction Control Surveys, Control Surveys, Elevation Surveys, Hydrographic/Bathymetric Surveys, Tidal or non-tidal Water Boundary Surveys, Photogrammetric Surveys (including Orthorectified Imagery), Quantity Surveys, and Topographic Surveys, whether it is measured by direct or remote sensing methods.

    509(12) 510S511urvey and Map Report: a written 517or digital 519document, 520that adequately communicates the survey results to the public through a map, (written or digital), or in a report form with an attached map and 545detail546s 547methods used, measurements and computations made, accuracies obtained, and information obtained or developed by surveying and mapping techniques. 565The map and report shall identify the responsible surveyor and mapper.

    576(13) Work Product: the drawings, plans, specifications, plats, reports, and all related calculations and field notes, either hard copy or digital, of the professional surveyor and mapper in responsible charge or made under his/her supervision.

    611Rulemaking Authority 613472.008, 614472.027 FS. 616Law Implemented 618472.027 FS. 620History–New 9-1-81, Formerly 21HH-6.02, Amended 12-18-88, Formerly 21HH-6.002, Amended 12-25-95, 5-25-99, 3-25-01, 3-13-03, 4-4-06, Formerly 63561G17-6.002, 636Amended 5-11-15, 11-13-17, 7-15-18.


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