5J-17.051. Standards of Practice: General Survey, Map, and Report Content Requirements  

Effective on Monday, November 13, 2017
  • 1The following rules shall apply to all work products regardless of the method of data acquisition:

    17(1) Surveyors and mappers must achieve the following standards of accuracy, completeness, and quality:

    31(2) The accuracy of the survey measurements shall be premised upon the type of survey and the expected use of the survey and map. 55The accuracy of data shall be independently verified63.

    64(a) Vertica66l 67Accuracy68:

    69A70l71l 72s73u74r75v76e77y78ing 79a80n81d 82m83a84pping 85products 86w87i88t89h 90el91e92v93atio94n 95da96ta 97sh98a99l100l 101state 102t103h104e 105d106a107tu108m 109a110n111d 112a 113descr114i115pti116o117n 118o119f 120t121h122e 123co124n125t126rol 127u128p129o130n 131w132h133ic134h 135t136h137e 138s139u140r141v142e143y144ing 145a146n147d 148m149a150pping 151products 152are 153based. The data shall 157be supported with documentation describing the vertical accuracy and the methodology used to determine accuracy. 172Elevatio173n 174dat175a 176m177a178y 179b180e 181obtai182n183e184d 185o186n 187a188n 189a190s191s192u193m194e195d 196dat197u198m 199pro200v201ide202d 203t204h205e 206bas207e 208ele209v210at211i212o213n 214o215f 216t217h218e 219assumed 220dat221u222m 223i224s 225ob226v227iou228s229l230y 231d232i233ff234e235r236e237n238t 239t240h241a242n 243a publicly published 246dat247u248m and clearly noted252.

    253(b) Horizo255n256ta257l 258A259c260c261u262ra263c264y265:

    266A267l268l 269s270u271r272v273e274y275ing 276a277n278d 279m280a281pping 282products 283expres284s285in286g 287o288r 289di290s291pl292a293y294in295g 296mapped 297f298e299at300u301re302s 303s304h305a306l307l 308state 309t310h311e 312dat313u314m 315a316n317d 318a 319detailed 320descr321i322pti323o324n 325o326f 327t328h329e 330co331n332t333rol 334u335p336o337n 338w339h340ic341h 342t343h344e 345s346u347r348v349e350y351ing 352a353n354d 355m356a357pping 358products 359are 360based. The data shall be supported with documentation describing the horizontal accuracy and the methodology used to determine accuracy379. 380Mapped features 382m383a384y 385b386e 387obtai388n389e390d 391o392n 393a394n 395assu396m397e398d 399datu400m 401pro402v403ide404d 405t406h407e 408n409u410m411erica412l 413basi414s 415o416f 417t418h419e 420dat421u422m 423i424s 425ob426v427iou428s429l430y 431differe432n433t 434t435h436a437n 438a 439p440u441blic442l443y 444p445u446bl447i448sh449e450d 451datu452m453.

    454(c) Assumed datum:

    457If data is collected on an assumed datum, then adequate control points shall be established and communicated in the surveying and mapping product in order that the survey may be independently reproduced and verified.

    491(d) Measurement and computation records shall be dated as of the date of acquisition and must contain sufficient data to substantiate the surveying and  mapping products.

    517(3) Surveys, Maps, and/or Survey Products Content.

    524(a) 525The licensee must adequately communicate the survey results to the  public through a map or report with an attached map.

    545(b) Each survey map and report shall state the type 555and/or purpose 557of the survey it depicts.

    562(c) All survey maps and reports must bear the name, certificate of authorization number, and street and mailing address of the business entity issuing the map and report, along with the name and license number of the surveyor and mapper in responsible charge. The name, license number, and street and mailing address of a surveyor and mapper practicing independent of any business entity must be shown on each survey map and report.

    634(d) All survey maps must reflect a survey date, which is the last date of data acquisition. When the graphics of a map are revised, but the survey date stays the same, the map must list dates for all revisions.

    674(e) The survey map and report and the copies of the survey map and report, except those with electronic signature and electronic seal, must contain a statement indicating that the survey map and report or the copies thereof are not valid without the original signature and seal of a Florida licensed surveyor and mapper.

    728(f) Abbreviations related to surveying matters shall be defined on the work product.

    741(g) 742A reference to all bearings shown on a survey map or report must be clearly stated, i.e., whether to “True North”; “Grid North as established by the NOS”; “Assumed North based on a bearing for a well defined line, such as the center line of a road or right of way, etc.”; “a Deed Call for a particular line”; or “the bearing of a particular line shown upon a plat.” References to Magnetic North should be avoided except in the cases where a comparison is necessitated by a Deed Call. In all cases, the bearings used shall be referenced to some well-established and monumented line.

    847(h) 848A designated “north arrow” and either a stated scale or graphic scale of the map shall be prominently shown upon the survey map.

    871(i) 872The responsibility for all mapped features must be clearly stated on any map or report signed by a Florida licensed surveyor and mapper. When mapped features surveyed by the signing surveyor and mapper have been integrated with mapped features surveyed by others, then the map or report shall clearly state the individual primarily responsible for the map or report.

    931Rulemaking Authority 933472.008, 934472.027 FS. 936Law Implemented 938472.025, 939472.027 FS. 941History–New 9-1-81, Amended 7-29-85, Formerly 21HH-6.03, Amended 12-18-88, 11-27-89, 5-26-91, Formerly 21HH-6.003, Amended 12-25-95, 5-13-96, 11-3-97, 5-25-99, 4-4-06, 8-31-06, 8-18-08, Formerly 96261G17-6.003, 963Amended 5-11-15, 11-13-17.


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