61G4-15.027. Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractors  

Effective on Thursday, November 15, 2007
  • 1(1) Scope of Rule: The purpose of this rule is to provide for the certification of pollutant storage system specialty contractors.

    22(2) Certification 24p25rocedures 26and fees 28for Pollutant Storage 31System 32Specialty Contractors 34shall be the same as those provided for the certification of other contractors as required by and set forth in Sections 55489.109, 56489.111, 57489.113, 58489.114, 59489.115, 60489.116, F.S., 62and related rules.

    65(3) Method of Operation: nothing in this rule chapter is intended to supersede or modify standards of operation established for pollutant storage system specialty contractors by the Department of Environmental Protection, as expressly stated in Rule Chapter 62-761, F.A.C., which rule chapter is hereby adopted (effective 11-99) and incorporated herein by reference as the Board’s operating standards for pollutant storage system specialty contractors.

    128Specific Authority 130489.108, 131489.113(3), 132(7), 133489.129(3), 134489.133 FS. 136Law Implemented 138489.113(3), 139(7), (8), 141489.115(4), 142(5), 143489.133, 144455.213 FS. 146History–New 2-1-00, Amended 7-7-05, 15011-15-07151.


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