61G4-18.004. Approval of Continuing Education Courses  

Effective on Monday, July 4, 2016
  • 1(1) Each registered course provider shall submit an application for approval of a continuing education course. The application shall be submitted on the provider/course approval application provided by the Department.

    31(2) The board shall approve any course, seminar or conference in the construction area provided by any university, community college, vocational-technical center, public or private school, firm, association, organization, person, corporation, or entity which meets the criteria provided in this rule, provided said entity has registered as a provider with the board.

    83(3) The application shall include the total number of classroom or interactive distance learning hours, the course syllabus, a detailed outline of the contents of the course, the name and qualifications of all instructors known at the time of the application and the minimum qualifications of any instructors not known at the time of the application. Course instruction time shall be separated into intervals of no more than twenty-five (25) minutes. Each interval shall contain a descriptive outline stating the subject matter in such detail so as to describe the content of the interval. In addition, a course provider making application to offer interactive distance learning must submit documents indicating the following:

    195(a) The means by which the course will demonstrate interactivity between the student and course provider within a maximum of 24 hours, which promotes student involvement, and demonstrates that the course measures learning and addresses comprehension of content at regular intervals.

    236(b) The means by which the course provider is able to monitor student enrollment, participation and course completion.

    254(c) The means by which the course provider will be able to satisfactorily demonstrate that stated course hours are consistent with the actual hours spent by each student to complete the course.

    286(d) The means by which the provider will assure qualified instructor(s) will be available to answer questions and provide students with necessary support during the duration of the course.

    315(e) That the student will be required to complete a statement at the beginning and end of the course that indicates that he/she personally completed each module/session of instruction.

    344(f) The means by which the course provider will verify student identification.

    356(4) The board shall approve continuing education courses which appropriately relate to the general business skills or the technical skills required of certificateholders or registrants, which contains sufficient educational content to improve the quality of a contractor’s performance, and which is taught by qualified instructors.

    401(5) A continuing education course which addresses specific technical materials or trade knowledge shall be approved.

    417(6) A course which constitutes a sales presentation or promotion will not be approved for continuing education credit.

    435(7) Continuing education course approval is valid for three (3) years from date of issue, provided no substantial change is made in the course and the approval status of the provider has not expired or been suspended or revoked. Substantial changes made in any course will require a new approval of that course. A provider must reapply for course approval ninety (90) days prior to the date of expiration of course approval in order to prevent a lapse in course approval.

    516(8) The board shall approve or deny any application for a continuing education course at the first meeting of board held no more than 90 days after the date the application was submitted. If the application is denied, the board shall identify the specific reasons for the denial in writing.

    566(9) A course which has been denied may be resubmitted to the board with modifications.

    581(10) The board shall not deny nor withdraw approval for any course on the basis that another course provider is conducting the same or similar course approved by the board.

    611(11) If a course is approved, the board shall assign the course a number. The course provider shall use the course number in the course syllabus, in all other course materials used in connection with the course and in all written advertising materials used in connection with the course.

    660Rulemaking Authority 662455.213, 663455.2123, 664489.108, 665489.115 FS. 667Law Implemented 669455.213, 670455.2123, 671455.2179, 672489.115 FS. 674History–New 12-2-93, Amended 7-20-94, 1-18-95, 7-2-95, 11-25-97, 5-30-00, 3-25-01, 11-10-03, 1-24-05, 8-28-05, 4-17-08, 9-20-15, 7-4-16.


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