61G5-22.004. Florida Law  

Effective on Tuesday, October 29, 1985
  • 1(1) Objective: To present an overview of cosmetology law and rules and regulations in relation to consumer protection for both health and economic matters.

    25(2) Learning Objectives:

    28(a) To define the limitations of the authority of the Board of Cosmetology;

    41(b) To define the rulemaking authority of the Board of Cosmetology;

    52(c) To understand the qualifications for licensure;

    59(d) To understand the procedures and context of examinations;

    68(e) To comprehend the requirements for cosmetology salons and inspections;

    78(f) To be aware of the disciplinary proceedings and penalties for violations of Chapter 477, F.S.;

    94(g) To understand the complaint procedures for violations of Chapter 477, F.S., or the rules promulgated pursuant thereto;

    112(h) To understand the definitions as used in Chapter 477, F.S.;

    123(i) To understand the requirements through rules and regulations for license renewal; and

    136(j) To know the fees and their disposition.

    144Rulemaking Authority 146477.016 FS. 148Law Implemented 150477.025(2) FS. 152History–New 11-2-80, Amended 10-29-85, Formerly 21F-22.04, 21F-22.004.