61K1-1. General Rules For Boxing, Kickboxing, And Mixed Martial Arts  

61K1-1.001. Purpose, Applicability and Scope of Rules (Repealed)
61K1-1.002. Definitions (Transferred)
61K1-1.003. Licenses, Permits; Requirement, Procedure and Period, Fee (Repealed)
61K1-1.004. Weight Classes; Weigh-In; Pre-Match Physical of Participant and Referee (Repealed)
61K1-1.005. Promoter and Matchmaker; Licensing and Bond; Duties and Conduct (Transferred)
61K1-1.006. Arena Equipment; Ring Requirements; Fenced Area Requirements for Mixed Martial Arts; Other Fight Mediums; Floor Plan and Apron Seating; Emergency Medical and Other Equipment and Services (Repealed)
61K1-1.007. Participants' Apparel and Appearance (Repealed)
61K1-1.008. Bandages and Handwraps (Repealed)
61K1-1.009. Gloves and Mouthpieces (Repealed)
61K1-1.010. Physician; License and Duties; Authority (Transferred)
61K1-1.011. Manager; License; Contract Between Manager and Participant (Transferred)
61K1-1.012. Participant; License; Conduct and Other Requirements (Repealed)
61K1-1.013. Judge; License and Duties (Transferred)
61K1-1.016. Announcer; License and Duties (Transferred)
61K1-1.017. Timekeeper or Knockdown Timekeeper; License and Duties (Transferred)
61K1-1.018. Second; License and Duties (Transferred)
61K1-1.019. Referee; License and Duties (Transferred)
61K1-1.023. Trainer; License and Conduct (Transferred)
61K1-1.0023. Commission, Commission Employees, Duties and Responsibilities (Transferred)
61K1-1.024. Booking Agent, Representative of Booking Agent; License (Repealed)
61K1-1.0025. Executive Director, Duties and Responsibilities (Transferred)
61K1-1.0027. District Coordinators, Duties and Responsibilities (Repealed)
61K1-1.0028. Chief Inspector, Inspectors, Duties and Responsibilities (Repealed)
61K1-1.030. Rounds
61K1-1.0031. Application Approval, Application Denial, and Disciplinary Action for Amateur Sanctioning Organizations in Boxing, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (Transferred)
61K1-1.0035. Insurance
61K1-1.035. Scoring System; Scoring, Criteria; Knockdowns, Fouls; Determination of Win or Draw; Decision Final, Exceptions
61K1-1.037. Post-Match Physical Requirements; Suspensions (Repealed)
61K1-1.040. Post-Match Reports Required to be Filed; Penalty for Late Filing (Repealed)
61K1-1.042. Closed Circuit Telecasts; Requirements; Penalty for Late Filing (Repealed)
61K1-1.0043. Drugs and Foreign Substances; Penalties (Repealed)
61K1-1.050. Method of Payment (Transferred)
61K1-1.0055. Concessionaire; License; Bond (Repealed)
61K1-1.070. Administrative Complaints (Transferred)
61K1-1.080. Forms (Transferred)
61K1-1.00241. Code of Conduct for Commissioners, Commission Staff, and Commission Officials