61K1-4.021. Kickboxing Conduct of Bout; Rounds  

Effective on Tuesday, March 10, 2020
  • 1(1) All matches are to be designated as amateur.

    10(a) If advertising is conducted, the advertising shall clearly indicate the matches are amateur.

    24(b) No event shall have both amateur and professional matches.

    34(2) Conduct of Bout for all age groups:

    42(a) Any individual who has competed anywhere in the world as a professional in combat sports, including, but not limited to boxing, mixed martial arts, Tough-Man competitions, kickboxing, and cage fighting, is prohibited from competing in amateur boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts in the State of Florida.

    90(b) All amateurs must enter and compete in all matches under their own names. The use of a ring name or nickname is strictly prohibited.

    115(c) Matches between a male amateur and female amateur are not permitted.

    127(d) Matches between an amateur who is under the age of eighteen (18) and an adult (18 years and older) are prohibited.

    149(e) No individual under the age of 8 years old shall be permitted to participate in amateur kickboxing. Amateur sanctioning organizations are responsible for ensuring that amateurs are 8 years or older. All amateurs must provide proof of age upon request, such as a notarized copy of their birth certificate or a government issued form of identification. Amateurs under the age of eighteen shall be referred to as junior amateurs. Amateurs ages eighteen and older shall be considered adult amateurs.

    229(f) Excessive coaching from the corner is prohibited. Cornermen must remain seated in the designed chairs throughout the entire round. Only one cornerman will be allowed in the ring during the rest periods.

    262(g) When an amateur is knocked out or injured, no one is allowed in the cage/ring until authorized by a referee or physician.

    285(h) Amateur sanctioning organizations shall not permit more than two amateurs to participate in any match.

    301(i) In the event that an amateur is knocked down, the referee will send the standing amateur to the furthest neutral corner and count over the downed amateur. The referee is required to reach the count of eight prior to allowing the bout to continue. A knock down is anytime a part of the amateur’s body other than the soles of the feet touch the ground or would have touched the ground if the amateur had not grabbed the ropes or his opponent, as the result of a legal strike.

    391(j) In the event that an amateur is hurt, but not knocked down, and the referee is not in position to immediately determine if the bout should be stopped, he may stop the action and send the undamaged amateur to the furthest neutral corner and evaluate the damaged amateur while administering an eight count.

    445(k) Advance notices for all amateur kickboxing events shall be filed by the amateur sanctioning organization, with the commission at least the (10) days prior to the date of each match.

    476(3) Fouls Generally for all age groups:

    483(a) All illegal techniques qualify as fouls, and shall be called by the referee and stopped immediately upon the referee calling the foul. Referees shall not permit amateurs to continue to foul opponents.

    516(b) A referee having any reason to believe that a foul has been committed, which said referee did not witness, may consult the judges and will make an appropriate decision according to the majority of the judges who saw the blow.

    557(4) Fouls listed, all ages:

    562(a) Head butting;

    565(b) Striking with the elbow to any target (not a foul for Muay Thai amateurs aged 18 years and older);

    585(c) Striking with the knee to the head;

    593(d) Striking or kicking to the groin;

    600(e) Intentional striking or kicking to the back of the head, the neck, or to the throat;

    617(f) Striking the spine;

    621(g) Punching or kicking an amateur when he is down.  An amateur is considered down when any part of his body other than his feet touches the floor. If an amateur is on his way to the floor, his opponent may continue to attack until he has touched the floor with any part of his body other than his feet;

    681(h) Take downs, other than legal sweeps (Exception for Muay Thai and San Shou);

    695(i) Intentionally pushing, shoving or wrestling an opponent out of the ring with any part of the body;

    713(j) Attacking on the break when both amateurs have been instructed to take a step back by the referee;

    732(k) Attacking after the bell has sounded to end the round;

    743(l) Holding and hitting; such as holding with one hand, especially behind the neck, and hitting with the other hand;

    763(m) Holding the ropes with one hand while striking or defending with the other hand or the legs;

    781(n) Hitting or flicking with an open glove or thumb, or striking with the inside, or bottom of the glove;

    801(o) Clinching – holding or otherwise tying-up an opponent's arm to prohibit him from punching.

    816(5) For amateurs aged fourteen years or younger, striking with the knee to any part of an opponent’s body, except in Muay Thai style kickboxing matches, shall be considered a foul.

    847(6) Rounds:

    849(a) No amateur shall be permitted to participate in any match on more than one day in any seven. Exceptions may be made by the executive director or his designee for regularly sanctioned tournaments held in the same venue requiring two or more days to compete, so long as the matches are held within a reasonable time. Requests for approval shall be made to the commission office no later than 10 days prior to the matches.

    925(b) For junior participants aged 8 to 15, the rounds shall be no more than three ninety-second rounds with one minute between each round.

    949(c) For junior participants (aged 16 and 17), the rounds shall be no more than three two (2) minute rounds with one minute between each round.

    975(d) For adult participants, the rounds shall be no more than five two (2) minute rounds with one minute between each round.

    997(e) An adult amateur kickboxing match shall be scheduled for not more than five rounds.

    1012(7) Participation in subsequent matches:

    1017(a) Any amateur who loses by way of a TKO shall not participate in any match for a minimum of thirty (30) days, unless cleared by a neurologist to return sooner.

    1048(b) Any amateur who loses by way of KO (Knock out) shall not participate in any match for a minimum of sixty (60) days.

    1072(c) Amateurs shall receive a mandatory ten-day rest period after competing in a match.  Day 1 of the mandatory rest period shall commence on the first day following the event.

    1102(d) If the physician suspends an amateur based on a post-match physical, the amateur shall comply with all the stipulations listed by the physician in the suspension, including clearance by a physician licensed as an M.D. or D.O., prior to participating in further matches.

    1146Rulemaking Authority 1148548.003(2) FS. 1150Law Implemented 1152548.003, 1153548.0065 FS. 1155History–New 3-14-13, Amended 3-10-20.