61N-1. Regulations For Drugs, Devices And Cosmetics  

61N-1.001. General Regulations; Definitions
61N-1.006. Drugs and Devices; Labeling Requirements
61N-1.007. Compressed Medical Gases
61N-1.008. Complimentary Human Prescription Drug Samples: Distribution and Disposal
61N-1.009. Cosmetic Labeling Requirements
61N-1.010. Requirements for Manufacturing Cosmetics
61N-1.011. Wholesale Distribution of Prescription Drugs - Exceptions and Specific Distributions Authorized
61N-1.012. Records of Drugs, Cosmetics and Devices
61N-1.013. Prescription Drugs; Receipt, Storage and Security
61N-1.014. Devices or Over-the-Counter Drugs; Storage and Receipt
61N-1.015. Licensing, Application, Permitting
61N-1.016. Product Registration
61N-1.017. Certificates of Free Sale
61N-1.018. Fees
61N-1.019. Inspections, Investigations, Monitoring
61N-1.020. Forms (Repealed)
61N-1.021. Trade Secrets
61N-1.022. Ether Applications; Licensing; Permitting; Records; Security; Distributing; Disposal
61N-1.023. Restricted Prescription Drug Distributor Permits; Special Provisions
61N-1.024. Administrative Enforcement
61N-1.025. Certification Authority and Digital Signatures for Self-Authenticating Electronic Pedigree
61N-1.026. Cancer Drug Donation Program
61N-1.027. Distribution of Medical Oxygen for Emergency Use
61N-1.028. Product Tracking and Tracing – Definitions
61N-1.029. Product Tracking and Tracing – Manufacturer Requirements
61N-1.030. Product Tracking and Tracing – Wholesale Distributor Requirements
61N-1.031. Product Tracking and Tracing – Dispenser Requirements
61N-1.032. Product Tracking and Tracing – Repackager Requirements
61N-1.0245. Notice of Non Compliance; Minor Violations