62-610.460. Waste Treatment and Disinfection  

Effective on Sunday, August 8, 1999
  • 1(1) Preapplication waste treatment shall result in a reclaimed water that meets, at a minimum, secondary treatment and high-level disinfection. The reclaimed water shall not contain more than 5.0 milligrams per liter of suspended solids before the application of the disinfectant.

    42(2) An operating protocol as described in Rules 5062-610.320 51and 5262-610.463, 53F.A.C., shall be developed and implemented.

    59(3) Filtration shall be provided for TSS control. Chemical feed facilities for coagulant, coagulant aids, or polyelectrolytes shall be provided. Such chemical feed facilities may be idle if the TSS limitation is being achieved without chemical addition. Filtration is an important component of a wastewater treatment facility that provides reclaimed water for the types of activities allowed by Part III of Chapter 62-610, F.A.C. By removing TSS before disinfection, filtration serves to increase the ability of the disinfection process to inactivate virus and other pathogens. Filtration also serves as the primary barrier for removal of protozoan pathogens (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and others). Addition of chemical coagulants generally increases the effectiveness of pathogen removal.

    171(4) A pretreatment program shall be prepared and implemented in accordance with Rule 18462-610.330, 185F.A.C.

    186Rulemaking Authority 188403.051, 189403.061, 190403.087 FS. 192Law Implemented 194403.021, 195403.051, 196403.061, 197403.062, 198403.085, 199403.086, 200403.087, 201403.088 FS. 203History–New 4-4-89, Amended 4-2-90, Formerly 17-610.460, Amended 1-9-96, 8-8-99.


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