62-673.310. Alternate Procedures and Requirements  

Effective on Thursday, March 25, 1993
  • 1(1) Any person subject to the provisions of this chapter may request in writing a determination by the Department that a procedure or requirement shall not apply, and shall request approval of alternate procedures or requirements.

    37(2) The request shall set forth at a minimum the following information:

    49(a) The specific facility or site for which an exception is sought;

    61(b) The specific procedures or requirements from which an exception is sought;

    73(c) The basis for the exception;

    79(d) The alternate procedure or requirement for which approval is sought and a demonstration that this alternate procedure or requirement provides an equal degree of protection for the public and the environment; and

    112(e) A demonstration of the effectiveness of the proposed alternative procedure or requirement.

    125(3) The department shall authorize by order each alternative procedure or requirement approved for an individual facility or site in accordance with this rule or shall deny by order the request for such approval.

    159(4) Requests for alternate procedures or requirements shall be accompanied by a fee of $2000 in accordance with subparagraph 17862-4.050(4)(m)4., 179F.A.C. Requests must be submitted to the Program Administrator, Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Mining and Minerals Regulation, Phosphate Management Program, 13051 North Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, Florida 33637-0926.

    209Rulemaking Authority 211403.061, 212403.4154, 213403.704 FS. 215Law Implemented 217403.4154, 218403.707 FS. 220History–New 3-25-93, Formerly 17-673.310.