62-815.013. Annual Stewardship Report Requirement  

Effective on Wednesday, January 22, 2014
  • 1(1) Each award to a Recipient shall include a condition that, after Acquisition of the Project Site, a stewardship report is required. The stewardship report is intended to verify that conditions imposed at the time the award was made are being followed and to monitor the stewardship and use of the property. The stewardship report shall be due each year.

    61(2) Once the project is fully developed as outlined in the approved Management Plan, the stewardship report for that projects may be submitted to the Trust on a five year review cycle:

    93(a) To initiate the five year review cycle of the stewardship report, the Recipient shall provide the following:

    1111. Written statement of completion certifying that the Project Site was developed in accordance with the approved Management Plan;

    1302. Updated Management Plan that includes an as-built master site plan drawing showing all facilities and structures; and

    1483. Photographic record of all completed site improvements and restoration activities.

    159(b) Trust staff shall perform site visits to ensure that the Recipient has demonstrated that the terms of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and the approved Management Plan have been followed.

    190(c) Upon the Trust’s acceptance of the Recipient’s statement of completion, the updated Management Plan and photographic record and a satisfactory completion of the site visit, the Trust shall transfer the stewardship report to a five year review cycle. If, after transfer of the stewardship report to a five year review cycle, the Trust finds that the terms and conditions of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants are not being followed, the annual stewardship report requirement shall be reimposed.

    268Rulemaking Authority 270380.507(11) FS. 272Law Implemented 274259.101, 275375.045, 276380.510 FS. 278History–New 11-3-91, Amended 11-1-92, 2-9-98, Formerly 2849K-4.013, 285Amended 1-22-14.


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