64B10-16.002. Preceptor  

Effective on Wednesday, July 1, 2020
  • 1(1) Each person desiring to be a Preceptor must submit a completed application form Preceptor Certification, DH-MQA-NHA014, 01/20, incorporated herein by reference, which can be obtained from 28http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-12029, 30or the web at http://floridasnursinghomeadmin.gov/applications/application-preceptor.pdf.

    35(2) The Board will approve persons to act as Preceptors in Administrator-in-Training (AIT) programs based on the information contained in the completed application form and gained through an oral review. The Board Chair, or any other Board member designated by the Chair, shall conduct the oral review.

    82(3) Preceptor approval shall be effective indefinitely, so long as the Preceptor maintains an active license to practice nursing home administration in this state, there is no disciplinary action taken against the licensee, and the licensee is in compliance with the requirement of subsection (5), below.

    128(4) Preceptor applicants must have practiced as a nursing home administrator for three of the last five years and must have had no disciplinary action taken against him or her during that time. The applicant shall list the states and dates of issuance of all the applicant’s professional licenses, including those as a nursing home administrator.

    184(5) Preceptor applicants must attend a six-hour preceptor training seminar within the three years immediately preceding the application and a two-hour refresher course every biennium thereafter. Both courses must be approved by the Board pursuant to Rule 22164B10-16.0025, 222F.A.C. Failure to complete the refresher course shall result in the loss of preceptor certification but does not affect licensure renewal.

    243(6) 244A Preceptor must be the administrator of record for the facility or facilities at which the training is to take place265.

    266(7) A preceptor shall not supervise the training of a member of his or her immediate family.

    283Rulemaking Authority 285456.013(1)(a), 286468.1685(1), 287468.1695(4) FS. 289Law Implemented 291456.0635, 292468.1695 FS. 294History–New 9-24-81, Formerly 21Z-16.02, Amended 12-18-88, 11-11-92, Formerly 21Z-16.002, Amended 2-28-94, Formerly 61G12-16.002, Amended 2-22-96, 9-4-96, 10-20-96, Formerly 59T-16.002, Amended 10-12-97, 6-5-07, 10-2-08, 3-25-09, 10-24-10, 5-29-14, 1-9-17, 7-1-20.