64B15-12.007. Inactive Status License  

Effective on Monday, August 12, 2019
  • 1(1) Any licensee may elect to place the license into inactive status by submitting a request in writing to the Board, or to the Department at the time of renewal, and, depending upon when the licensee elects to place the license into inactive status, paying the appropriate fee set forth in rule chapter 64B15-10, F.A.C.

    56(2) An inactive status licensee may change to active status at any time provided the licensee meets the continuing education requirements of rule 7964B15-13.001, 80F.A.C.; however, if the license has been inactive for more than one (1) year, the licensee must meet the requirements of rule 10264B15-13.002, 103F.A.C.

    104(3)(a) Inactive status licensees choosing active status at the time of renewal must pay the active status renewal fee and the reactivation fee.

    127(b) Inactive status licensees choosing active status at any other time than at the time of license renewal shall pay the difference between the inactive status renewal fee and the active status renewal fee, the reactivation fee and the fee to change licensure status.

    171(4) A licensee whose license has been in inactive status for more than two consecutive biennial licensure cycles and who has not been practicing medicine on a full-time basis in another jurisdiction during such period of time, shall be required to appear before the Board before the license can be placed into active status. The Board at the time of the appearance shall impose upon the licensee reasonable conditions necessary to insure that the licensee can practice with the care and skill sufficient to protect the health, safety and welfare to the public. For purposes of this rule, “full-time basis” shall be defined as working as a physician for over 20 hours per week.

    285Rulemaking Authority 287456.036 FS. 289Law Implemented 291456.036 FS. 293History–New 11-28-94, Amended 3-28-95, Formerly 59W-12.007, Amended 12-30-01, 11-2-05, 7-25-12, 8-12-19.