64B23-6.004. Notices of Noncompliance  

Effective on Thursday, July 15, 1999
  • 1(1) Definitions.

    3(a) “Notice of Noncompliance” is a notification by the Department issued to a licensee as a first response to minor violations of rules or statues, which is not accompanied by a fine or other disciplinary penalty.

    39(b) “Minor violation” refers to a violation of a rule or statute that does not result in economic or physical harm to a person or adversely affect the public health, safety, or welfare or create a significant threat of such harm.

    80(2) The Department designates the following as minor violations for which a notice of noncompliance may be issued for the first violation thereof:

    103(a) Failure to provide written notice of a licensee’s current mailing address and place of practice in violation of Rule 12364B23-1.001, 124F.A.C.

    125(b) Failure to display the license in a place accessible to the public in violation of Section 142483.901(6)(f)1., F.S.

    144Specific Authority 146456.073(3) FS. 148Law Implemented 150456.073(3) FS. 152History–New 7-15-99.


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