64B4-3.002. Documentation of Course Content Completed in Independent Study  

Effective on Tuesday, February 9, 2016
  • 1(1) For the purpose of this rule an “independent study” course will be defined as:

    16(a) Any course for which the institution which granted credit for the course did not publish an official course description of content; and/or

    39(b) Any course labeled by the institution as independent study, directed study, or directed research; and/or

    55(c) Any course in which learning was not completed in a classroom setting with a member of the faculty of the institution which granted credit and no other students matriculated in the same course were present during the learning experience.

    95(2) In order to document that a course or course content area required by Section 110491.005, F.S., 112has been completed by “independent study” an applicant shall submit an official transcript from the institution awarding credit for the independent study course.

    135Rulemaking Authority 137491.004(5) FS. 139Law Implemented 141491.005 FS. 143History–New 1-4-90, Formerly 21CC-3.002, 61F4-3.002, 59P-3.002, Amended 2-9-16.


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