64E-12.005. Housing  

Effective on Sunday, January 20, 2008
  • 1(1) The facility shall provide safe and sanitary housing 10free from objects, materials, and conditions of an environmental origin that constitute a danger to the residents27.

    28(2) Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors and all appurtenances of the structures shall be of sound construction, properly maintained, easily cleanable and shall be kept clean.

    54(a) Floor surfaces shall be of non-slip type and maintained free of loose or broken tiles and boards, holes, uneven projections, protruding nails, tears, splinters, water spillage and other tripping hazards. 85Bathtubs and showers shall contain slip-resist91e92nt strips, slip-resist95e96nt 97rubber 98bath mats, or slip-resistent surfaces.

    103(b) Wall surfaces shall be maintained free of hazardous projections, splinters, loose moldings, and broken plaster.

    119(c) Overhead surfaces shall be free of water damage, loose, missing or broken tiles, plaster, lath, or loose hanging fixtures, pipes and electric wiring.

    143(d) All external windows designed to open shall be accessible and operable.

    155(3) All housing facilities shall be kept free of offensive odors by adequate cleanliness and proper ventilation.

    172(4) All areas of the facility shall be well li182ghted183. Dormitories, 185bedrooms, 186toilets, 187bathing rooms, shower rooms, 191and dayrooms shall have light fixtures 197that provide 199at least 20 foot candles of illumination 206in all areas of the room, measured at a distance 30 inches from the floor, 221to permit observation, cleaning and maintenance. Light fixtures shall be maintained to work as designed and kept clean.

    239(5) All areas of the facility occupied by residents, including sleeping rooms, common areas, hallways, bathrooms, and dining areas shall have natural or mechanical ventilation.

    264(a) If natural ventilation is utilized, the opened window area for ventilation purposes should be equal to one-tenth of the floor space.

    286(b) When mechanical ventilation systems are employed, the systems shall be maintained to operate as designed and kept clean. Intake air ducts shall be designed and installed so that dust or filters can be readily removed. In resident occupied areas mechanical ventilation systems shall provide a minimum of 10 cubic feet of fresh or filtered recirculated air per minute for each resident occupying the area.

    351(c) All toilet rooms shall be provided with direct openings to the outside or provided with mechanical ventilation to the outside.

    372(6) Adequate heating facilities shall be provided to maintain a minimum temperature of 68386° 387Fahrenheit, 20 inches above the floor in all resident occupied rooms.

    398(7) Mechanical cooling devices shall be 404used and in working condition 409in those areas of buildings occupied by residents when inside temperatures exceed 85422° 423Fahrenheit. 424Exceptions are made when the resident is capable and in control of the thermostat or cooling devices in their personal area and chooses for it to exceed 85° Fahrenheit.

    453(8) All heating and cooling systems shall be consistent with current building and fire code rules applicable to the area where the facility is located, 478as determined by building and fire officials485.

    486(9) All furniture and furnishings must be in good repair and kept clean.

    499(10) Plumbing shall be maintained in compliance with the requirements of the 511applicable plumbing provisions of the State Building Code, as adopted in Rule 5239B-3.047, 524F.A.C., 525and Section 527553.06, F529.530S.

    531(11) Sanitary facilities shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 64E-10, F.A.C.

    543(12) Sewage and liquid waste shall be disposed of in accordance with Chapter 62-601 or Chapter 64E-6, F.A.C., whichever is applicable.

    564Specific Authority 566381.006, 567381.006(16) FS. 569Law Implemented 571381.006, 572381.006(6), 573(16) FS. History–New 6-18-87, Amen578ded 8-7-96, Formerly 10D-23.009, Amended 1-20-08.


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