65C-43.0035. Record Keeping for Children in Safe Houses

Effective on Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • 1The community-based care agency that has primary responsibility for the child shall maintain in the Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN), the following for each child placed in a safe house:

    31(1) Demographic information on the child or young adult;

    40(2) The child or young adult’s placement history;

    48(3) Legal documents, such as the Dependency Shelter Order, Predisposition Study, case plan, and Judicial Review Social Study Report (JRSSR), if applicable;

    70(4) The child or young adult’s medical and social history;

    80(5) The child or young adult’s behavior management plan that assesses safety;

    92(6) The child or young adult’s psychological, psychiatric, and behavioral history;

    103(7) A treatment plan, as referenced in sub-subparagraph 11165C-43.003(1)(a)11.b., 112F.A.C., that outlines the plan to address the child or young adult’s individualized needs;

    126(8) The child or young adult’s educational history, including school reports, report cards, and educational plan;

    142(9) A recreational plan, specific to the child or young adult;

    153(10) A record of independent living activities and trainings that the child or young adult was referred to and/or participated in;

    174(11) A recent photograph of the child or young adult; and

    185(12) The discharge summary.

    189Rulemaking Authority 191409.1678(2)(e) FS. 193Law Implemented 195409.1678 FS. 197History–New 10-24-19.