65E-16.003. Provider Requirements  

Effective on Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • 1(1) To participate in the IPMP program, providers must be under contract with a Managing Entity.

    17(2) The provider must operate a licensed pharmacy or subcontract with a licensed pharmacy.

    31(3) Providers shall submit the following information to the IPMP/FSH Warehouse and Managing Entity to enroll in the IPMP program:

    51(a) The provider’s IPMP contact information, including name, email, and phone number;

    63(b) The name of the person authorized by the provider to approve the Supply Requisition; and

    79(c) A copy of the pharmacy license(s) from the provider, or the provider’s subcontracted pharmacy. Copies of the license(s) and the permit issued must be maintained in accordance with the Department of Health’s requirements specified in Section 116499.012(1)(d), F.S.

    118(4) IPMP providers shall ensure that the information in subsection (3) is updated annually and provided to the IPMP/Warehouse and to the Managing Entity with the first medication order of the fiscal year.

    151Rulemaking Authority 153394.676(2) FS. 155Law Implemented 157394.676 FS. 159History–New 9-19-19.