65E-16.002. Individual Eligibility Criteria  

Effective on Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • 1To be eligible for the Program, individuals must meet the following clinical and financial eligibility criteria.

    17(1) To meet the clinical criteria, individuals:

    24(a) Must be a member of at least one (1) of the Department’s priority populations, as defined in Section 43394.674(1), F.S.; 45and

    46(b) Must not currently be admitted to a state mental health treatment facility, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, or a crisis stabilization unit.

    68(2) To meet the financial eligibility criteria, individuals:

    76(a) Must have a net family income at or below 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, as published annually in the Federal Register; and

    102(b) Must lack third-party insurance, including Medicaid, or other funding sources for psychotropic medications.

    116If individuals have third party insurance for psychiatric medications but the prescribed medication is not covered or not authorized, they may receive IPMP psychiatric medications until the prescribed medication is covered or authorized by the third-party insurer.

    153Rulemaking Authority 155394.676(2) FS. 157Law Implemented 159394.676 FS. 161History–New 9-19-19.