65G-4. Service Delivery Practice And Procedure  

65G-4.001. Definitions for Behavior Services: Practice and Procedure
65G-4.002. Service Delivery.
65G-4.003. Certification as a Behavior Analyst.
65G-4.004. Certification as an Associate Behavior Analyst.
65G-4.005. Renewal of Behavior Analysis Certification.
65G-4.006. Approved Continuing Education.
65G-4.007. Behavior Analysis Certification Fees.
65G-4.008. Behavior Analysis Services Oversight System Organization.
65G-4.009. Design, Implementation and Monitoring of Behavior Analysis Services.
65G-4.010. Behavior Analysis Services Approval.
65G-4.011. Determination of Mental Retardation in Capital Felony Cases: Intelligence; Tests to be Administered.
65G-4.0011. Recognized Certification Organizations for Behavior Analysts
65G-4.012. Determination of Mental Retardation: Intelligence Tests to Be Administered.
65G-4.014. Eligibility for Services
65G-4.015. Eligibility Criteria
65G-4.016. Application Process
65G-4.017. Establishing Eligibility
65G-4.0021. Tier Waivers (Repealed)
65G-4.0022. Tier One Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.022. iBudget Cost Plan Development and Approval (Repealed)
65G-4.0023. Tier Two Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.0024. Tier Three Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.024. Cost Plan Changes (Repealed)
65G-4.0025. Tier Four Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.0026. Tier Waivers (Repealed)
65G-4.0027. Tier One Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.027. Cost Plan Funding and Review (Repealed)
65G-4.0028. Tier Two Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.0029. Tier Three Waiver (Repealed)
65G-4.0210. Definitions (Repealed)
65G-4.0211. General Provisions (Repealed)
65G-4.0212. Establishing the Final iBudget Allocation Amount (Repealed)
65G-4.0213. Definitions
65G-4.0214. Allocation Algorithm
65G-4.0215. General Provisions
65G-4.0216. Establishment of the iBudget Amount
65G-4.0217. iBudget Cost Plan
65G-4.0218. Significant Additional Need Funding
65G-4.00291. Tier Four Waiver (Repealed)