67-48.013. SAIL Construction Disbursements and Permanent Loan Servicing  

Effective on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
  • 1(1) SAIL loan proceeds shall be disbursed during the construction phase in an amount per Draw which does not exceed the ratio of the SAIL loan to the Total Development Cost, unless approved by the Corporation and the Credit Underwriter.

    41(2) Ten (10) business days prior to each Draw, the Applicant shall supply the Corporation’s servicer, as agent for the Corporation, with a written request executed by the Applicant for a Draw. The request shall set forth the amount to be paid and shall be accompanied by documentation specified by the Corporation’s servicer including claims for labor and materials to date of the last inspection.

    106(3) The Corporation and its servicer shall review the request for a Draw, and the servicer shall provide the Corporation with approval of the request or an alternative recommendation, after the title insurer provides an endorsement to the policy of title insurance updating the policy to the date of the current Draw and increasing the insurance coverage to an amount equal to the sum of all prior Draws and the current Draw.

    178(4) The Corporation shall disburse construction Draws through Automated Clearing House (ACH). The Applicant may request disbursement of construction Draws via a wire transfer. The Applicant will be charged a fee of $10 for each wire transfer requested. This charge will be netted against the Draw amount.

    225(5) The Corporation shall elect to withhold any Draw or portion of any Draw, notwithstanding any documentation submitted by the Applicant in connection with the request for a Draw, if:

    255(a) The Corporation or the Corporation’s servicer determines at any time that the actual cost budget or progress of construction differs from that as shown on the loan documents, or

    285(b) The percentage of progress of construction of the improvements differs from that shown on the request for a Draw.

    305(6) The servicer may request submission of revised construction budgets.

    315(7) Based on the Applicant’s progress of construction, if the Corporation determines that further analysis by the Credit Underwriter is required prior to the release of the final Draw, the Applicant shall pay to the Credit Underwriter a fee based on an hourly rate determined pursuant to the contract between the Corporation and the Credit Underwriter.

    371(8) Retainage in the amount of 10 percent per Draw shall be held by the servicer during construction until the Development is 50 percent complete. At 50 percent completion, no additional retainage shall be held from the remaining Draws. Release of funds held by the Corporation’s servicer as retainage shall occur pursuant to the SAIL loan agreement.

    428Rulemaking Authority 430420.507, 431420.508 FS. 433Law Implemented 435420.5087 FS. 437History–New 7-22-96, Amended 12-23-96, 7-10-97, 1-6-98, Formerly 9I-48.013, Amended 11-9-98, 2-24-00, 2-22-01, 3-17-02, Repromulgated 4-6-03, 3-21-04, 2-7-05, 1-29-06, Amended 4-1-07, Repromulgated 3-30-08, 8-6-09, 11-22-11, Amended 10-9-13, Repromulgated 10-8-14, Amended 9-15-16, Repromulgated 5-24-17, 7-8-18, 7-11-19, 6-23-20.


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