67-48. Competitive Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing Programs Sail/Home/Hc  

67-48.001. Purpose and Intent
67-48.002. Definitions
67-48.004. Selection Procedures for Developments
67-48.005. Applicant Administrative Appeal Procedures (Repealed)
67-48.007. Fees
67-48.009. SAIL General Program Procedures and Restrictions
67-48.010. Terms and Conditions of SAIL Loans
67-48.013. SAIL Construction Disbursements and Permanent Loan Servicing
67-48.014. HOME General Program Procedures and Restrictions
67-48.015. Match Contribution Requirement for HOME Allocation
67-48.017. Eligible HOME Activities
67-48.018. Eligible HOME Applicants
67-48.019. Eligible and Ineligible HOME Development Costs
67-48.020. Terms and Conditions of Loans for HOME Rental Developments
67-48.022. HOME Disbursements Procedures and Loan Servicing
67-48.023. Housing Credits General Program Procedures and Requirements
67-48.027. Tax-Exempt Bond-Financed Developments
67-48.028. Carryover Allocation Provisions
67-48.029. Extended Use Agreement
67-48.030. Sale or Transfer of a Housing Credit Development
67-48.031. Qualified Contracts
67-48.040. EHCL General Program Procedures and Restrictions
67-48.041. Terms and Conditions of EHCL Loans
67-48.0072. Credit Underwriting and Loan Procedures
67-48.0075. Miscellaneous Criteria
67-48.0095. Additional SAIL Selection Procedures
67-48.0105. Sale, Transfer or Refinancing of a SAIL Development
67-48.0205. Sale, Transfer or Refinancing of a HOME Development