68A-27.0031. Marine Endangered and Threatened Species

Effective on Wednesday, June 10, 2015
  • 1(1) Under the Florida constitutional revision that revised Article IV, Section 9 of the Florida Constitution and created Article XII, Section 22, the Commission’s constitutional authority does not include authority to regulate marine life when those species meet the definition of endangered and threatened species as those terms were defined in Section 372.072, F.S. (1997).

    56(2) The following species are Marine endangered and threatened species:

    66(a) Fish:

    681. Gulf sturgeon (72Acipenser oxyrinchus [=oxyrhynchus] desotoi)76(T),

    772. Shortnose sturgeon (81Acipenser brevirostrum)83(E)84.

    85(b) Reptiles:

    871. Green sea turtle (92Chelonia mydas94)(E),

    952. Hawksbill sea turtle (100Eretmochelys imbricata102)(E),

    1033. Kemp’s ridley sea turtle (109Lepidochelys kempii111)(E),

    1124. Leatherback sea turtle (117Dermochelys coriacea119)(E),

    1205. Loggerhead sea turtle (125Caretta caretta127)(T).

    128(c) Mammals:

    1301. Caribbean monk seal (135Monachus tropicalis137)(E),

    1382. Finback whale (142Balaenoptera physalus144)(E),

    1453. West Indian manatee (150Trichechus manatus152)(E),

    1534. Humpback whale (157Megaptera novaeangliae159)(E),

    1605. North Atlantic right whale (166Eubalaena glacialis168)(E),

    1696. Sei whale (173Balaenoptera borealis175)(E),

    1767. Sperm whale (180Physeter macrocephalus182)(E).

    183Rulemaking Authority 185379.1025 FS. 187Law Implemented 189379.2291 FS. 191History–New 11-14-11, Amended 6-10-15.


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