6C4-4. Administrative Affairs  

6C4-4.003. University Property (Repealed)
6C4-4.009. Accounts Receivable (Repealed)
6C4-4.0010. Parking General Guidelines, Registration, Penalties & Rates
6C4-4.010. Cancellation of Registration for Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees and Returned Checks in Payment of Tuition and Fees (Repealed)
6C4-4.0011. Traffic and Moving Violations
6C4-4.012. Purpose (Repealed)
6C4-4.013. Purpose (Repealed)
6C4-4.014. Purpose (Repealed)
6C4-4.0022. Canines on Campus (Repealed)
6C4-4.0023. Driving and Parking on Campus (Repealed)
6C4-4.0024. Definitions for Rules 6C4-4.00210 through 6C4-4.00214 and 6C4-4.0023 through 6C4-4.0029, F.A.C. (Repealed)
6C4-4.0025. Registration Regulations (Repealed)
6C4-4.0026. Vehicle Registration Fees (Repealed)
6C4-4.0027. Parking Regulations (Repealed)
6C4-4.0028. Visitor/Temporary Parking Permits (Repealed)
6C4-4.0029. Disabled Parking (Repealed)
6C4-4.0095. Employee Debt Collection (Repealed)
6C4-4.0101. Student Registration (Repealed)
6C4-4.0102. Tuition and Fees (Repealed)
6C4-4.0107. Special Fees, Fines and Penalties (Repealed)
6C4-4.00210. Traffic Regulations (Repealed)
6C4-4.00211. Regulations Governing Scooters, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Mopeds (Repealed)
6C4-4.00212. Towing/Immobilizing of Vehicles (Repealed)
6C4-4.00213. Violations, Penalties and Fines (Repealed)
6C4-4.00214. Citation - Payment and Appeal Process (Repealed)
6C4-4.01201. Definitions (Repealed)
6C4-4.01203. Approval (Repealed)
6C4-4.01205. Standard Lease Form (Repealed)
6C4-4.01207. Fire Code Compliance in Leased Space (Repealed)
6C4-4.01209. Leases of 5,000 or More Square Feet (Repealed)
6C4-4.01211. Competitive Bidding (Repealed)
6C4-4.01212. Single Source Facilities (Repealed)
6C4-4.01213. Disclosure Statements (Repealed)
6C4-4.01215. Legal Review (Repealed)
6C4-4.01217. Certification of Compliance (Repealed)
6C4-4.01301. Approval for Vehicles and Watercraft Acquisitions (Repealed)
6C4-4.01303. Acquisition and Disposal (Repealed)
6C4-4.01305. Assignment and Use (Repealed)
6C4-4.01307. Maintenance (Repealed)
6C4-4.01309. Aircraft (Repealed)
6C4-4.01401. Definitions (Repealed)
6C4-4.01403. Reporting Requirements for Surplus, State-owned, Tangible Personal Property (Repealed)
6C4-4.01405. Certification (Repealed)
6C4-4.01407. Buildings and Structures (Repealed)
6C4-4.01409. Items to be Reported (Repealed)
6C4-4.01411. Procedures for Disposal of Surplus Property (Repealed)
6C4-4.01413. Availability of Surplus State Property (Repealed)
6C4-4.01415. Surplus Property with an Estimated Value of $5,000 or More (Repealed)
6C4-4.01417. Authority for Disposal (Repealed)
6C4-4.01419. Exchange Property (Repealed)
6C4-4.01421. Contract/Grant Funded Property (Repealed)
6C4-4.01423. Disposition of Monies (Repealed)
6C4-4.02000. Statement of Intent (Repealed)
6C4-4.02010. Definitions (Repealed)
6C4-4.02020. Purchasing Services Duties (Repealed)
6C4-4.02030. Competitive Solicitation Requirements (Repealed)
6C4-4.02040. Purchase of Commodities or Contractual Services (Repealed)
6C4-4.02050. Bonds (Repealed)
6C4-4.02060. Contracts (Repealed)
6C4-4.02070. Standards of Conduct (Repealed)
6C4-4.02080. Purchase of Motor Vehicles (Repealed)