73B-11. Unemployment Claims And Benefits; Florida Unemployment Compensation Claims And Benefits  

73B-11.011. Definitions
73B-11.012. Maintaining an Address of Record
73B-11.013. Filing Claims and Providing Documentation
73B-11.015. Continued Claims for Benefits
73B-11.016. Monetary Determinations
73B-11.017. Nonmonetary Determinations
73B-11.018. Determinations Regarding Charges to Employer Accounts in Connection with Claims for Benefits
73B-11.019. Determinations Regarding Suitable Work
73B-11.020. Determinations Regarding Discharge for Misconduct
73B-11.021. Determinations Regarding Ability to Work and Availability for Work
73B-11.022. Determinations Regarding Approved Training
73B-11.023. Offset of Tax Refund Payments to Collect Reemployment Assistance Debts Owed to the Florida Unemployment Trust Fund Pursuant to 31 C.F.R. 285.8
73B-11.024. Short-Time Compensation Plan Application
73B-11.028. Reemployment Services
73B-11.029. Public Use Forms (Repealed)
73B-11.030. Benefit Records Unit Records Request
73B-11.0151. Employer Responses to Claims Notices and Requests for Information
73B-11.0155. Payment of Benefits
73B-11.0251. Definitions Relating to Emergency Unemployment Compensation (Repealed)
73B-11.0252. Eligibility for Emergency Unemployment Compensation (Repealed)
73B-11.0253. Emergency Unemployment Compensation Individual Accounts (Repealed)
73B-11.0254. How to Apply for Emergency Unemployment Compensation (Repealed)
73B-11.0261. Definitions Relating to Extended Benefits (Repealed)
73B-11.0262. How to Apply for Extended Benefits (Repealed)
73B-11.0263. Diligent Work Search Requirements (Repealed)