Standards Adopted, Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection Forms, Inspections by Owner or Manager, Fencing and Gate Standards, Minor Rule Violations; Notice of Non-Compliance, Enforcement Actions and Administrative Penalties, Resolution of Violations, ...  

    5F-8.0011: Standards Adopted
    5F-8.0012: Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection Forms
    5F-8.009: Inspections by Owner or Manager
    5F-8.0125: Fencing and Gate Standards
    5F-8.0126: Minor Rule Violations; Notice of Non-Compliance
    5F-8.0127: Enforcement Actions and Administrative Penalties
    5F-8.0128: Resolution of Violations, Settlement, and Additional Enforcement Remedies
    5F-8.014: Training of Managers, Attendants, and Maintenance Persons
    5F-8.015: Regulation of Go-Karts and Similar Vehicles
    5F-8.016: Regulation of Water Parks
    5F-8.025: Regulation of Bungy Operations
    5F-8.050: Games
    Notice is hereby given that the following correction has been made to the proposed rule in Vol. 36 No. 3, January 22, 2010 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

    The February 9, 2010 Rule Development Workshop that was posted on January 22, 2010 was incorrectly posted and should have been posted as a Proposed Rule Hearing which has now been scheduled for March 1, 2010.