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    Unsolicited Proposal - Professional Tennis Management - Coral Reef Park



    Notice of Unsolicited Proposal


    Professional Tennis Management for Coral Reef Park

    UP No. 1516-12-007

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida, a Municipal corporation of the State of Florida, has received an unsolicited proposal from a qualified firm and will accept alternative proposals for the these Services until May 6, 2016.

    Persons or entities wishing to submit alternative proposals for the Services (“Proposers”) may do so by delivering sealed proposals to: Village of Palmetto Bay, Procurement Department, Attn: Litsy C. Pittser, 9705 E. Hibiscus Street, Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157. Each sealed proposal submitted should be clearly marked on the outside: “Sealed Proposal – Professional Tennis Management for Coral Reef Park.”

    All proposals must be submitted no later than 3:00 p.m. Friday, May 6, 2016, together with the additional submission requirements required by the Village of Palmetto Bay, as provided in the documents located on the Village’s website, as noted below. Any proposal received after 3:00 pm on May 6th, 2016 will not be opened nor considered. Responsibility for submitting timely proposals rests solely with Proposers; the Village will not be responsible for any delays caused by mail, courier service or other occurrence.

    Proposals will be ranked by order of preference by the Village, which include but are not limited to, professional qualifications, tennis program schedule for Juniors, Adults, Kids and Summer Camp or Clinic Camps, Pro Shop Services and Concession and Marketing Strategies. A more complete listing of the factors and requirements that the Village will consider can be obtained on our vendor registry system. Download the documents by going to our website www.palmettobay-fl.gov, on the right hand side of the webpage, under “Information”, select “Bids & RFPs”. Click Vendor Registration to register in the Village’s system. Under “Quick Links” on the “Bids & RFPs” page, click the “Open RFPs/Bids/RFQs” to download the document. You will be notified of any addenda to the document, which will be downloadable from the website.

    The Village reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to award and negotiate a comprehensive agreement with the firm whose proposal best serves the interest of the Village. Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted as an obligation or binding agreement by the Village regarding the Services.

    The Village’s Cone of Silence shall be in effect during the procurement process in accordance with Section 2-138 of the Village of Palmetto Bay Code. All communications regarding the Project shall be addressed in writing via email to Lpittser@palmettobay-fl.gov; Litsy C. Pittser., Procurement Specialist.

    The Village will provide notice of a decision or proposed decision regarding contract award which will be publicly advertised and posted on the Village of Palmetto Bay website.

    All proposals received in response to this Notice will become the property of the Village of Palmetto Bay and will not be returned. Such proposals and related information shall be subject to applicable provisions of the Florida Public Records Law.

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