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    UCF 585-Student Union Expansion


    The University of Central Florida, on behalf of its Board of Trustees, announces that services in the discipline of Architecture (with Engineering consultants) are required for the project listed below:

    Project No.: UCF - 585

    Project and Location: UCF Student Union Food Court Expansion And Renovation. UCF Main Camus Orlando, Florida.

    The project consists of the renovation and expansion of the UCF Student Union food court area, which is approximately 15,000 GSF of interior renovation and 5,500 sf of exterior addition. A Concept Design of the project has been procured and is posted on the advertisement section of the Facilities Planning and Construction website. This Concept Design study illustrates the general intent of the project, which may be altered as the project develops. The project may be designed and constructed in multiple phases.

    In addition, Schematic Design has been completed, using one of the Owner’s Continuing Service Architects. This Architect will be retained as a consultant for the Design Development and Construction Documents phases, to ensure that the design intent of the project is followed by the selected Architect.

    Included in the Architect’s basic scope of services is validation of the Concept/Schematic Design; coordination with the Owner’s commissioning agent; basis of design document production in response to the Owner’s Project Requirements, refinement of concepts during Design Development; production of Construction Documents for permit, bidding, and construction; responses to bid questions, responses to permit comments: and Construction Administration services. Also included in basic services are documentation of the existing facility (including systems) in Revit, architectural design, structural design, mechanical/electrical/plumbing design, complete fire protection design (showing main and secondary branch line locations), telecom design, interior design, food service design, civil design, landscape design, and LEED documentation/coordination. Major building systems, including mechanical and building envelope, will be commissioned by the Owner’s independent consultant(s), with whom the Architect and Construction Manager shall plan and coordinate their efforts.

    The total project cost will be approximately $14,500,000 for planning, design, permitting, construction, commissioning, and furnishings/equipment. The total construction cost will be approximately $11,600,000. This project is subject to the availability of funding.

    The renovation/expansion shall achieve LEED Silver Certification. Proposing firms shall include at least one LEED-certified design professional, who will coordinate with the University’s commissioning agent.

    Instructions for submitting a proposal can be found on the Project Fact Sheet. The Project Fact Sheet, and Professional Qualifications Supplement form, may be obtained on our website,, or by contacting: Gina Seabrook, email:, phone: (407) 823-5894.

    We are accepting only electronic submissions, to be uploaded at:

    Submittals must be received by 5:00 p.m. local time May 9, 2016. Late submissions or additional documentation will not be accepted.

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