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    Suwannee River Water Management District

    RFQ 13/14-039 RM FEMA Risk Map Program Support

    The Suwannee River Water Management District (District) is requesting sealed qualifications from contractors to assist the District in the development of a fully integrated floodplain management program for the implementation of the Federal Emergency Management Agencys (FEMA) Risk MAP Program. Selected firms will be expected to perform some or all of the tasks under the various District responsibilities listed in the Mapping Activity Statement, approved by FEMA each year for the next five years. In addition firms will be expected to provide any additional reports, submittals or work requested by the District when included in the executed contract between the District and the PPC or PMC.

    The District is also seeking firms who have knowledge and working experience with LiDAR. These firms should understand the State of Florida and FEMA LiDAR specifications and be able to conduct LiDAR acquisition, processing, quality control, mapping, and analysis.

    Firms do not have to be qualified in all areas of responsibility reflected in each of the MAS. Firms shall only submit qualifications for those areas in which they have experience and expertise.

    Request for Qualifications packages may be downloaded from the District website: www.mysuwanneeriver.org or by contacting Gwen Lord, CPPB, at (386)647-3164. For more information regarding this project, please contact Leroy Marshall, P.E., CFM, at (386)362-0440, LRM@srwmd.org.

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