Agency for Health Care Administration, Certificate of Need  



    Certificate of Need



    The Agency for Health Care Administration approved the following exemptions pursuant to subsection 408.036(3), Florida Statutes:


    ID # E190009District: 3-2 (Alachua County)                            Issue Date:  7/16/19

    Facility/Project:  Terrace Health and Rehabilitation Center

    Applicant:  Terrace Health NH LLC

    Project Description: Transfer six community nursing home beds from The Oaks NH, LLC d/b/a Park Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center to Terrace Health NH LLC d/b/a Terrace Health and Rehabilitation Center

    Proposed Project Cost:  $0


    ID # E190010District: 6-1 (Hillsborough County)              Issue Date:  7/17/19

    Facility/Project:  PruittHealth – Hillsborough County, LLC

    Applicant:  PruittHealth – Hillsborough County, LLC

    Project Description: Combine CON #10509P (84 beds) and CON #10553 (six beds) resulting in a 90-bed community nursing home

    Proposed Project Cost:  $21,544,122

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