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    Request for Grant Applications, FY 2020-21

    The Vision of the Florida Resilient Coastlines Program (FRCP) is that Florida’s coastal communities are resilient and prepared for the effects of rising sea levels, including coastal flooding, erosion and ecosystem changes. This will be accomplished by synergizing community resilience planning, natural resource protection tools and funding.

    The FRCP announces the availability of state funds for innovative coastal projects under its applications for fiscal year 2020-2021. Eligible applicants include Florida’s 35 coastal counties and the local governments within their boundaries that are required to include a coastal element in their comprehensive plan. Florida regional planning councils, national estuary programs, colleges, community colleges and state universities may partner with an eligible local government; however, they may not apply as the grantee. (Nonprofit groups are not eligible to apply but can serve as a consultant to an eligible applicant.)

    Application Submittal Requirements, Application Instructions, Goals and Priorities, Applications and the criteria by which applications are scored and recommended can be found at under Grants.

    All applications must be received no later than 12:00 Noon, ET, October 7, 2019. Include the Subject Heading of: “FY 2020-21 Grant Application.” Send the completed electronic application, in both a Word (docx.) and Portable Document Format (pdf.), to: Florida Resilient Coastlines Program, Email:, Phone: (850)245-2094

    Please note the following important details regarding the application process for FY 2020-21:

    1. APPLICATION DEADLINE is 12:00 Noon, ET, on October 7, 2019.

    2. Applications must be submitted in BOTH Word (docx.) and Portable Document Format (pdf.).

    3. All Projects must be COMPLETED BY APRIL 30, 2021.

    5. Applicants can expect the max award up to $75,000.

    6. One application per applicant may be submitted per state fiscal year cycle.

    7. Recipients are not required to provide a match.

    For questions on the applications, please contact Florida Resilient Coastlines Program via (850)245-2094 or email to

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