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    The University of Central Florida has a need to retain several companies to provide the design, repair and installation of fire alarm systems.  These companies may be used over the time period of this contract to replace existing or provide new fire alarm systems on the UCF campus.  Design and construction projects up to $1,000,000 construction cost, or services for which the fee for professional services is less than $200,000. 

    Project Description: provide product data, physical samples, design documents, specifications, and warranty services for the design, installation, repairs and maintenance of fire alarm systems.  Companies must have the ability to provide designs and installations for a complete and functional system without any scope “by others” – companies must each act as the single point of contact and bear contractual responsibility for all related scope of work.

    Instructions for submitting a proposal can be found on the Project Fact Sheet. The Project

    Fact Sheet and Contractor’s Form may be obtained on our website or by contacting:  Gina Seabrook, Email:, Phone: (407)823-5894.

    We are accepting only electronic submissions, to be uploaded at:

    Submittals must be received by 5:00 p.m. local time October 21, 2019. Late submissions or additional documentation will not be accepted.

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