12D-9. Requirements For Value Adjustment Boards In Administrative Reviews; Uniform Rules Of Procedure For Hearings Before Value Adjustment Boards  

12D-9.001. Taxpayer Rights in Value Adjustment Board Proceedings
12D-9.002. Informal Conference Procedures
12D-9.003. Definitions
12D-9.004. Composition of the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.005. Duties of the Board
12D-9.006. Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.007. Role of the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.008. Appointment of Legal Counsel to the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.009. Role of Legal Counsel to the Board
12D-9.010. Appointment of Special Magistrates to the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.011. Role of Special Magistrates to the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.012. Training of Special Magistrates, Value Adjustment Board Members and Legal Counsel
12D-9.013. Organizational Meeting of the Value Adjustment Board
12D-9.014. Prehearing Checklist
12D-9.015. Petition; Form and Filing Fee
12D-9.016. Filing and Service
12D-9.017. Ex Parte Communication Prohibition
12D-9.018. Representation of the Taxpayer
12D-9.019. Scheduling and Notice of a Hearing
12D-9.020. Exchange of Evidence
12D-9.021. Withdrawn or Settled Petitions; Petitions Acknowledged as Correct; Non Appearance; Summary Disposition of Petitions
12D-9.022. Disqualification or Recusal of Special Magistrates or Board Members
12D-9.023. Hearings Before Board or Special Magistrates
12D-9.024. Procedures for Commencement of a Hearing
12D-9.025. Procedures for Conducting a Hearing; Presentation of Evidence; Testimony of Witnesses
12D-9.026. Procedures for Conducting a Hearing by Electronic Media
12D-9.027. Process of Administrative Review
12D-9.028. Petitions on Transfer of “Portability” Assessment Difference
12D-9.029. Procedures for Remanding Value Assessments to the Property Appraiser
12D-9.030. Recommended Decisions
12D-9.031. Consideration and Adoption of Recommended Decisions of Special Magistrates by Value Adjustment Boards in Administrative Reviews
12D-9.032. Final Decisions
12D-9.033. Further Judicial Proceedings
12D-9.034. Record of the Proceeding
12D-9.035. Duty of Clerk to Prepare and Transmit Record
12D-9.036. Procedures for Petitions on Denials of Tax Deferrals
12D-9.037. Certification of Assessment Rolls
12D-9.038. Public Notice of Findings and Results of Value Adjustment Board