34-12.700. Complaint Proceedings, Generally  

Effective on Tuesday, November 24, 2015
  • 1Commission proceedings on sworn complaints alleging that a lobbyist has failed to register, has failed to submit a compensation report, or that a lobbyist or principal has knowingly submitted false information in any report or registration required to be filed by Section 43112.3215, F.S., 45shall be governed by the procedures set forth in Rules 5534-12.700 56through 5734-12.760, 58F.A.C.

    59Rulemaking Authority 61112.3215, 62112.322(9) FS. 64Law Implemented 66112.3215 FS. 68History–New 10-12-89, Amended 1-4-94, 11-24-15.


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