34-12.705. Parties  

Effective on Thursday, October 12, 1989
  • 1The Commission’s proceedings under these rules relating to investigation of complaints are preliminary to agency action and therefore do not determine the substantial interests of any party. However, the following persons shall be considered to be “parties” to the limited extent that under these rules they are entitled to notice and the opportunity to attend, participate in, or observe Commission complaint proceedings:

    63(1) The Respondent, who shall be the person who is the subject of the complaint;

    78(2) The Complainant(s), who shall be the person(s) who signed the sworn complaint; and

    92(3) The Advocate, who shall be an Assistant Attorney General or another attorney designated by the Commission. No intervenors shall be permitted.

    114Rulemaking Authority 116112.3215, 117112.322(9) FS. 119Law Implemented 121112.3215 FS. 123History–New 10-12-89.