53ER13-32. MEGA MILLIONS®. (Replaced by 53ER13-47)  

Effective on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
  • 1(1) 2Definitions.

    3The following words and 7terms, when used in this rule, have the following meanings, unless the conte20xt clearly indicates otherwise:

    24(a) 25Annuity prize 27– A 29Jackpot 30Prize paid in 33twenty-six 34annual installments.

    36(b) 37Finance & Audit Committee 41 42The committee established by the Multi-State Lottery Association Agreement.

    51(52c53) 54MEGA MILLIONS Lottery or Lotteries 59 60Lotteries that have joined under the MEGA MILLIONS Lottery Agreement; the group of lotteries that has reached a Cross-Selling Agreement with the MUSL Product Group for the selling of the MEGA MILLIONS Game.

    93(94d95) 96MUSL 97 98The M100ulti-State Lottery Association.

    103(104e105) 106MUSL Board 108 109The governing body of MUSL which is comprised of the chief executive 121officer of each party lottery.

    126(127f128) 129Participating Lottery 131or 132Selling Lottery 134 135A state lottery or lottery of a political subdivision or entity that is participating in selling the MEGA MILLIONS game155.

    156(157g158) 159Party Lottery 161 162A State lottery or lottery of a political subdivision or entity 173that 174has joined M177USL and, in the context of the MEGA MILLIONS 186Product Group Rules, 189that has joined in selling the games offered by the Product Group201.

    202(203h204) 205Product Group 207 208The group of lotteries that has joined together to offer the MEGA MILLIONS lottery game under the terms of its Cross-Selling Agreement with the MEGA MILLIONS Lotteries, the MUSL 237A238greement and the MUSL MEGA MILLIONS Product Group rules.

    247(248i249) 250Set prize 252 253All prizes except the 257Jackpot 258Prize that are advertised to be paid by a single lump-sum payment and, except as set forth in paragraph (2787279)280(f281), will be equal to the prize amount established by the 292MUSL Board for the prize level.

    298(2) How to Play 302MEGA MILLIONS304.

    305(a) 306MEGA MILLIONS 308is a multi-state lottery online 313terminal 314game. In 316MEGA MILLIONS, 318players select five numbers from a field of 326one through 328fifty-329six 330and 331one number 333(the “Mega Ball”) 336from a separate field of one through 343forty-six.

    344(b) Players may make 348their ticket 350selections by marking a play slip or by telling the reta361iler their desired selections. 365There are 367five panels 369on a play slip, each containing an upper play area and a lower play area. Each panel played will cost $3901391.00 per drawing. Players may mark their desired numbers on the play slip by selecting 406five 407numbers in the upper play area and one 415number 416in the lower play are421a 422from each panel played. Players 427may also mark the “QP432 433(Quick Pick) 435box located at the bottom of each play area for the terminal to randomly select 450one or more numbers 454from the 456applicable 457play area459. 460A “Void” box is also located at the bottom of each panel and should be marked by the player if an error was made in his 486or her selections in a panel. 492For each panel played, the first five of the six numbers appearing i505n a single horizontal row on a 512ticket shall be the numbers selected from the upper play area of the play slip, an528d the last number shall be the 535number selected from the lower play area of the play slip.

    546(c) 547For an additional $1.00 per play, p554layers may mark the 558M559egaplier560® 561box to 563multipl564y 565the third through ninth prizes and increase the second prize575. 576M577egaplier 578will apply to all panels played.

    584(d) Players must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. Play slips must be processed by a retailer in order to obtain a ticket. Retailers also are authorized to manually enter numbers selected by a player.

    624(e) Players may play up to 630twenty-six consecutive 632drawings by using the “advance play” feature. To use the advance play feature, players may either mark the number of drawings desired in the “Advance Play” section of a play slip or tell the retailer their desired number of consecutive advance drawings. The number of consecutive drawings marked will include the next available drawing and will apply to each panel (A-E) played.

    694(3) Drawings.

    696(a) 697MEGA MILLIONS d700rawings shall be conducted two times per week, on 709Tuesdays 710and 711Fridays 712at 713approximately 71411:00 715p.m716. 717Eastern Time (ET).

    720(b) The Florida Lottery shall not be responsible for incorrect circulation, publication or broadcast of official winning numbers.

    738(4) Determination of Prize Winners.

    743In order for a ticket to be a winning ticket, numbers appearing in a single horizontal row on the ticket must match the official 767winning 768numbers 769in any order for the draw775ing 776date for which the ticket was purchased, in one 785of the following combinations:

    789(a) 790Jackpot 791Prize: Five 793numbers selected from the first set of 800balls plus 802the 803number selected from the second set of balls.

    811(b) 812Second Prize: Five numbers selected from the first set of balls and not 825the number selected 828from the second set of balls.

    834(c) Third Prize: 837Four numbers selected from the first set of balls plus 847the number 849selected from the second set of balls.

    856(d) 857Fourth Prize: Four numbers selected from the first set of balls and not 870the number 872selected 873from the second set of balls.

    879(e) 880Fifth Prize: Three numbers selected from the first set of balls plus 892the 893number 894selected from the second set of balls.

    901(f) 902Sixth Prize: 904Two 905numbers selected from the first set of balls 913plus 914the number selected 917from the second set of balls.

    923(g) Seventh Prize: 926Three 927numbers selected from the first set of balls 935and not the 938number selecte940d from the second set of balls.

    947(h) 948Eighth Prize: One number selected from the first set of balls plus 960the number 962selected from the second set of balls.

    969(i) Ninth Prize: 972No 973numbers selected from the first set of balls and 982the number 984selected 985from the second set of balls.

    991(5) Limited to Highest Prize Won. 997The holder of a winning ticket may win only one prize per 1009p1010lay in connection with the winning numbers drawn, and shall be entitled only to the prize won by those numbers in the highest matching prize category.

    1036(103761038) 1039Odds of Winning.

    1042(a) The odds of winning the prizes described in subsection (4) are as follows:

    10561. 1057Jackpot 1058Prize 1059 10601:1061175,1062711,536.00

    10642. Second Prize 1067 10681:10693,904,700.80

    10723. Third Prize 1075 10761:1077689,064.85

    10794. Fourth Prize 1082 10831:108415,312.55

    10865. Fifth Prize 1089 10901:109113,781.30

    10936. Sixth Prize 1096 10971:1098843.75

    10997. Seventh Prize 1102 11031:1104306.25

    11058. Eighth Prize 1108 11091:1110140.63

    11119. Ninth Prize 1114 11151:111674.80

    1117(b) The overal1120l odds of winning a prize in a MEGA MILLIONS 1130drawing are 1:1133311349.891135.

    1136(113771138) 1139Prize Pool.

    1141(a) 1142Prize Pool1144. 1145The prize pool for all categories 1151shall consist of up to fifty-five percent 1158of each drawing period’s sales 1163after the prize reserve accounts are funded to the amounts set by the Product Group, 1178but may be higher or lower based upon the number of winners at each prize level, as well as the funding required to 1201mee1202t a guaranteed annuity prize.

    1207(b) 1208Prize Reserve Accounts. An amount up to 1215five percent 1217of a 1219P1220arty 1221L1222ottery’s sales shall be 1226added to a Party Lottery’s 1231Jackpot 1232Prize Pool contribution and placed in trust in one or more prize reserve accounts held by the Product Group at any time that the Party Lottery’s share of the prize reserve account(s) is below the amounts designated by the Product Group. 1273The maximum amount of the prize reserve account is $45,000,000.00. 1285The Product Group may determine to expend all or a portion of the fu1299nds in the reserve accounts for:

    13051. 1306T1307he purpose of indemnifying the 1312Participating 1313Lotteries in the payment of prizes to be made by the 1324P1325articipating 1326L1327otteries, subject to the approval of the 1334MUSL 1335Board; and

    13372. 1338F1339or the payment of prizes or special prizes in the 1349game, 1350subject to the approval of the Finance and Audit Committee.

    1360The shares of a Party Lottery may be adjusted with refunds to the Party Lottery from the prize reserve account(s) as may be needed to maintain the approved maximum balance and 1391shares of the Party Lotteries. 1396Any amount remaining in a prize reserve account at the end of this game shall be carried forward to a replacement prize reserve account or expended in a manner as directed by the Product Group in accordance with jurisdiction1435al 1436law.

    1437(c) 1438Expected 1439P1440rize 1441P1442ayout 1443P1444ercentages.

    1445The 1446Jackpot 1447Prize shall be determined on a pari-m1454utuel basis. 1456Except as provided in these rules, all other prizes awarded shall be paid as set prizes with the following expected prize payout percentages, 1479that 1480does not include 1483an additional amount held in prize reserves1490:




    1491Approximate Percentage of

    1494Tickets Containing the Following



    1500Winnings Pool Allocated

    1503in a Single Hor1507izontal Row



    1511to Prize Category

    1514Five first set numbers and the 1520one 1521number 1522of the second set

    1526Jackpot 1527Prize

    1528Jackpot 1529Prize


    1533Five first set numbers 1537and none of the second set

    1543Second Prize



    1551Four first set numbers and the 1557one 1558number 1559of the second set

    1563Third Prize



    1570Four first set numbers 1574and none of the second set

    1580Fourth Prize



    1587Three first set numbers and the 1593one 1594number 1595of the second set

    1599Fifth Prize



    1606Two 1607first set numbers 1610and the one number of the second set

    1618Sixth Prize



    1625Three 1626first set numbers and 1630none of the second set

    1635Seventh Prize



    1641One first set number and the 1647one 1648number 1649of the second set

    1653Eighth Prize



    1660None of the first set numbers and the one number of the second set

    1674Ninth Prize



    1681(d) 1682Prize money allocated to the 1687Jackpot 1688Prize category will be paid on a pari-mutuel basis, divided equally by the number of plays determined to be winners of the 1710Jackpot 1711Prize.

    1712(e) 1713The number of plays determined to be winners of the 1723S1724econd through 1726N1727inth 1728P1729rize 1730levels 1731will be paid as set prizes, except as provided in paragraph (174371744)(1745f1746) below. If all or any portion of the set prize pool is not awarded in the current 1764MEGA 1765MILLIONS 1766drawing, that portion of the set prize pool shall be 1776carried forward to subsequent MEGA MILLIONS 1782drawings.

    1783(f) 1784Liability Cap. 1786If the total 1789prize liability for all lotteries selling MEGA MILLIONS (exclusive of 1799any 1800jackpot prize 1802carried forward) 1804exceed1805s 1806three hundred 1808percent of drawing sales or 1813fifty 1814percent of drawing sales plus $50,000,18210001822.00, 1823whichever is less 1826(both hereinafter referred to as the 1832“Liability Cap”), 1834the 1835S1836econd through 1838F1839ifth 1840P1841rizes sh1843all be paid on a pari-mutuel basis, provided, however, that in no event shall the pari-mutuel 1859prize be greater than the 1864official advertised prize1867. 1868The amount to be used for the allocation of such pari-mutuel prizes 1880(two through five) 1883shall be the Liability Cap 1888less the 1890amount paid for the 1894jackpot 1895prize and 1897prize levels six through 1901nin1902e1903. To 1905fund 1906their portion o1909f 1910the Liability Cap, the Party Lotteries 1916may utilize 1918the following sources:

    19211. The amount allocated to the set prizes, 1929including any Megaplier prizes, 1933and carried forw1936ard from previous draws, if any; 1942and

    19432. 1944An amount from the prize reserve account1951.

    1952(g) 1953In the event the Liability Cap is met, the amount to fund the Jackpot Prize together with the 1971amounts to 1973fund 1974pri1975ze levels six through nine shall be first paid from the Liability Cap amount. 1989The balance of the Liability Cap, after deducting the Jackpot Prize and payment for prize levels six through nine (hereinafter referred to as the 20132014Liability C2016ap Balance20182019), shall be applied to prize levels two through five on a pari-mutuel basis i2034n 2035accordance with 2037the following formula:

    20401. 2041Prize 2042l2043evel two (normally $250,0002048.002049) shall be an amount equal to 64.53% of the Liability Cap 2061B2062alance divided by the number of winners in 2070p2071rize 2072l2073evel two;

    20752. Prize 2077l2078evel three 2080(normally $10,0002083.002084) shall be an amount equal to 14.63% of the Liability Cap 2096B2097alance divided by the number of winner2104s in 2106p2107rize 2108l2109evel three; and

    21123. 2113Prize 2114l2115evels four and 2118five 2119(normally $1502121.002122) shall be an amount equal to 20.84% of the Liability Cap 2134B2135alance divided by the number of combined winners in 2144p2145rize 2146l2147evels four 2149and five.

    2151(h) 2152Any int2154erest or earnings accrued on a 2160set prize prior to prize payment shall accrue to the State of Florida and not to the winner.

    2178(217982180) 2181Jackpot 2182Prize.

    2183(a) 2184The prize money 2187available in the Jackpot Prize 2192p2193ool will be divided equally among all jackpot prize winners in all participating lotteries. 2207Jackpot p2209rizes won shall be funded by the Selling Lotteries in accordance with the formula set b2225y the 2227MEGA 2228MILLIONS 2229L2230otteries. 2231The minimum guaranteed annuity 2235p2236rize amount is $12 million. 2241If the Jackpot Prize is not won in a drawing, the prize money allocated for the Jackpot Prize shall roll over and be added to the Jackpot Prize p2270ool for the following drawing.

    2275(2276b2277) Players can cho2281ose one of two payment options for receiving their portion of the MEGA MILLIONS 2295Jackpot Prize2297. Payment options are “Cash Option” and “Annual Payment.”

    2306(2307c2308) 2309Jackpot 2310Prize winners have sixty days after the winning draw date to choose between the two payment options. Once the 2329Jackpot 2330Prize winner signs the Winner Claim Form, files a claim and exercises the winner's chosen option, the election of that option shall be final and cannot be revoked, withdrawn or otherwise changed except as provided in paragraph (236882369)(2370j2371) below.

    2373(2374d2375) In order to select the Cash Option, the 2384Jackpot 2385Prize winner must submit his or her ticket for payment within sixty days after the winnin2401g draw date. If the 2406Jackpot 2407Prize 2408winner does not elect the Cash Option within sixty days after the winning draw date, the Annual Payment option will be applied, except as provided in paragraph (243682437)(2438g2439) below.

    2441(2442e) 2443A 2444Jackpot 2445Prize winner who chooses the Cash Option will receive 2454the cash 2456option amount determined by the Product Group, 2463less applicable withholding taxes.

    2467(2468f2469) If a 2472Jackpot 2473Prize winner elects the Annual Payment option, his or her share of the 2486Jackpot 2487Prize will be paid in 2492twenty-six 2493equal annual installments, each less applicable withholding taxes. 2501The initial payment shall be paid upon completion of internal validation procedures. The subsequent twenty-five payments shall be paid annually to coincide with the month of the Federal auction date at which the bonds were purchased to fund the annuity. All such payments shall be made within seven days of the anniversary of the annual auction date. 2558MUSL 2559shall purchase securities through a competitive purchase with a minimum of three primary 2572brokerage firms of its choice.

    2577(2578g2579) If individual 2582winners’ 2583shares of the cash held to fund Annual Payments are less than $250,0002597.00, 2598the Product Group, in its sole discretion, may elect to pay the winners their share of the cash held in the 2619Jackpot 2620Prize pool.

    2622(2623h2624) Annuitized payment of the 2629Jackpot 2630P2631rize or a share of the 2637Jackpot 2638P2639rize will be rounded to the nearest one thousand dollars to facilitate the purchase of an appropriate funding mechanism. Rounding differences on an annuitized 2663Jackpot 2664P2665rize win shall be added to the first cash payment to the winner or winners. Prizes other than the 2684Jackpot 2685P2686rize, which under this rule may become single-payment, pari-mutuel prizes, will be rounded down so that prizes can be paid in multiples of whole dollars. Rounding differences resulting from rounding these prizes shall be carried forward to the prize pool for the next drawing.

    2730(2731i2732) The Florida Lottery will make the initial and any subsequent payments of a prize upon receipt of 2750funds for such prize from MUSL.

    2756(2757j2758) In the event of the death during t2767he annuity payment period of a MEGA MILLIONS 2775winner who elected the Annual Payment option, the estate of the deceased winner (the “Estate”) may file a petition with the Florida Lottery to accelerate payment of all the remaining 2805prize proceeds to the Estate. 2810Such petition will be forwarded by the Florida 2818Lottery to MUSL for processing.

    2823(2824k2825) Federal income taxes shall be applied and withheld from the prize amount at the time payment is made, pursuant to applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and Code of Federal Regulations.

    2858(2859l2860) 2861Any int2863erest or earnings accrued on a MEGA MILLIONS 2871Jackpot 2872Prize prior to prize payment shall accrue to MUSL and not to the winner.

    2886(288792888) 2889MEGA MILLIONS Megaplier®2892.

    2893(a) The Megaplier option shall be available in associatio2902n with the MEGA MILLIONS game.

    2908(b) At the time of purchasing a ticket, a player may choose the Megaplier 2922feature 2923for an additional $1.00 per play for each play on the 2934MEGA MILLIONS ticket to increase the guaranteed prize amount for the 2945second 2946through ninth tier prizes2950.

    2951(2952c2953) Megaplier drawing. A 2957separate 2958random 2959Megaplier 2960drawing will occur before every 2965MEGA MILLIONS 2967drawing to determine one multiplier number 2973for that drawing. The multiplier number 2979that will be selected will be either, a 2, 3, or 4. The multiplier number drawn will be 2997used to multiply the value of the prizes for the third through ninth tiers. In the event 3014the multiplier drawing does not occur prior to the 3023MEGA MILLIONS 3025drawing, the multiplier number will be a 4. 3033The multiplier number may also be referred to as the Megaplier number.

    3045(3046d3047) 3048The following table sets forth the probability of the various 3058multiplier 3059numbers being drawn during a single 3065Megaplier 3066drawing.


    3068Probability of Prize Increase


    307312 in 21


    30777 in 21


    30812 in 21

    3084Multiplier numbers do not apply to the MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot Prize or to the Match 5+0 Prize.

    3101(3102e3103) Application of multiplier number.

    31081. 3109Third through 3111N3112inth 3113P3114rizes3115. The multiplier number selected is the number 3123that is used to increase the prize amount, for the 3133T3134hird through the 3137N3138inth 3139P3140rizes. 3141A 3142T3143hird through the 3146N3147inth 3148Prize 3149winner who purchases the Megaplier feature 3155with his or her MEGA MILLIONS ticket shall be 3164paid a prize in the amount of the 3172guaranteed prize 3174amount multiplied 3176by the multiplier number for that drawing.

    31832. 3184Second 3185P3186rize. The 3188S3189econd 3190P3191rize 3192for a winning MEGA MILLIONS with Megaplier ticket 3200will always be a $1,000,000.00 3207prize, 3208except as provided in 3212paragraphs 3213(321493215)(3216i3217) and (3220l3221). 3222T3223he 3224multiplier number drawn does not apply to, affect or alter the 3235S3236econd 3237Prize3238.

    323933240. 3241Jackpot 3242P3243rize. The Megaplier feature does not apply to the 3252Jackpot 3253P3254rize.

    3255(f) On occasion, the 3259Product Group 3261may change one or more of the multiplier numbers and/or the Match 5+0 Megaplier prize amount for special promotions.

    3280(3281g3282) 3283MEGA MILLIONS 3285tickets that 3287win 3288the 3289S3290econd through 3292N3293inth 3294P3295rize3296s 3297with 3298the 3299Megaplier 3300option 3301will pay the amounts shown below3307:



    3310Without Megaplier

    3312With Megaplier 2X

    3315With Megaplier 3X

    3318With Megaplier 33204X

    3321Match 5+0






    3335Match 4+1






    3346Match 4+0






    3353Match 3+1






    3360Match 33612+1






    3367Match 33683+0






    3374Match 1+1






    3381Match 0+1






    3388(3389h3390) 3391The prize pool for 3395Megaplier 3396set prizes shall consist of up to 3403fifty3404-five 3405percent 3406of each drawing period’s 3410sales 3411as determined by the Product Group. 3417The prize pool percentage allocated to 3423Megaplier 3424set prizes shall be carried forward to subsequent drawings if all or a portion of the percentage is not required to pay the set prizes for the current drawing 3453or may be h3457eld in a prize reserve account.

    3463(3464i3465) 3466In certain rare instances, the 3471MEGA MILLIONS 3473set prize amount may be less than the amount shown. In such case, the seven lowest Megaplier prizes will be a multiple of the changed 3498MEGA MILLIONS 3500prize amount announced after the draw. For example, if the Match 4+1 3512MEGA MILLIONS 3514set prize amount 3517of $10,000.00 becomes $35225,000.00 3524under the rules of the 3529MEGA MILLIONS 3531game, a Megaplier player winning that prize amount 3539with a 4X multiplier would win 3545$20,0003547.00 3548($5,000.00 x 4). 3552The Match 5+0 prize with the Megaplier option, that normally pays $1,000,000.00, will be reduced by the same percentage 3573that 3574the Match 5+0 $3578250,000.00 prize 3581is reduced.

    3583(3584j3585) 3586If, with respect to a single MEGA MILLIONS drawing, the total of the MEGA MILLIONS 3601set prizes and the 3605Megaplier 3606prizes awarded in a drawing 3611exceeds the percentage 3614of 3615the prize pools allocated to the set prizes, the amount needed to fund 3628the 3629set prizes 3631(including Megaplier prize amounts) 3635shall be drawn from the following 3641sources in the following order:

    36461. 3647The amount allocated to the set prizes 3654(3655including Megaplier prize amounts) 3659and carried forward 3662from previous drawings, if any.

    36672. 3668An amount from the 3672MEGA MILLIONS 3674set prize reserve account 3678not to excee3681d 3682the lesser of 3685three 3686hundred percent 3688of drawing sales 3691or fifty percent 3694of drawing sales plus 3698$50,000,0003701.

    3702(3703k3704) 3705If the sources set forth in 3711paragraph (371393714)(3715j3716) are depleted and there still are not sufficient funds to pay the set prizes for a particular 3734MEGA MILLIONS 3736drawing 3737(including Megaplier prize amounts), then the prize levels two through five shall become a pari-mutuel prize, as set out in paragraph (375973760)(3761g3762). 3763The 3764MEGA MILLIONS 3766and Megaplier prize pools shall be combined in the rare instance when the set prizes, pursuant to the rules, are paid on a pari-mutuel basis, so that the multipliers, as provided for in the rules, will remain in effect for all applicable prize levels. The 3811Match 5+0 prizes may be reduced as announced by the Product Group.

    3823(3824l3825) 3826MEGA MILLIONS 3828set prizes 3830that 3831become pari-mutuel will be rounded down so that they can be paid in multiples of whole dollars. Funds remaining after rounding shall be carried forward to the prize pool for the next 3863MEGA MILLIONS 3865drawing.

    3866(3867m3868) 3869MEGA MILLIONS with Megaplier 3873prizes shall be pa3877id in single, lump-sum payment.

    3882(38831388403885) Rules and Prohibitions.

    3889(a) 3890By purchasing a 3893MEGA MILLIONS 3895ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules of the Florida Lottery.

    3911(b) 3912Florida prizes shall be claimed only through a Florida Lottery retailer or Lottery office beginning on the day following the drawing. The 3934Florida 3935Lottery is not authorized to accept claims or pay prizes for 3946MEGA MILLIONS 3948tickets purchased in other jurisdictions. 3953MEGA MILLIONS 3955prize payments shall be made in accordance with rules of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    3996(c) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and on-line system 4007availability, 4008MEGA MILLIONS 4010lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:040250 midnight, 4027ET. 4028Ticket sales for a specific 4033MEGA MILLIONS 4035drawing will close at 10:00 p.m., ET, on the night of the drawing. Any ticket sold after the close of game will 4057be printed with the next 4062MEGA MILLIONS 4064draw4065ing 4066date.

    4067(d) 4068MEGA MILLIONS tickets 4071cannot be canceled.

    4074Rulemaking 4075Authority 24.1040775(9)4078(4079a), (b), (c4082), 4083(e), (f), (h), 408624.109(1), 408724.115(1) 4088FS. Law Implemented 409124.105(9), 4092(a), (b), (c), (e), (f), (h), 409824.115(1), 409924.116(1), 410024.117(2), 410124.124(1) 4102FS. History–New 41045-1410554106-141073, 4108Replaced by 53ER1411134112-4113474114.