53ER16-54. MEGA MILLIONS® (Replaced by 53ER17-70)  

Effective on Tuesday, October 18, 2016
  • 1(1) 2Definitions.

    3The following words and 7terms, when used in this rule, have the following meanings, unless the conte20xt clearly indicates otherwise:

    24(a) 25Advertised Jackpot Prize 28 29The estimated annuitized Jackpot Prize amount as determined by the M40ega Millions 42Lotteries 43prior to the Jackpot Prize drawing. The “Advertised Jackpot Prize” is not a guaranteed prize amount and the actual Jackpot Priz64e 65amount may vary from the advertised amount, ex73cept in circumstances where there is a guaranteed Jackpot Prize amount as described in 87paragraph (8)(e)89.

    90(b) 91Drawing 92 93refers collectively to the formal draw event for randomly selecting the winning indicia that determine the number of winners for each prize level of the MEGA MILLIONS120® 121game. 122Winning indicia include the Winning Numbers for the MEGA MILLIONS game.

    133(c) 134Jackpot Prize 136 137The top prize in the MEGA MILLIONS game.

    145(146d147) 148Mega Millions 150Lottery or Lotteries 153 154Lotteries that have joined under the 160Mega Millions 162Lottery Agreement; the group of lotteries that has reached a Cross-Selling Agreement with the MUSL Product Group for the selling of the MEGA MILLIONS Game.

    187(188e189) 190MUSL 191 192The M194ulti-State Lottery Association.

    197(f) 198MUSL Board200- The governing body of the MUSL.

    207(g) 208Play 209 210The six numbers, the first five chosen from a field of seventy-five numbers and the last one chosen from a field of fifteen numbers, that appear on a ticket as a single lettered selection to be played by a player in the MEGA MILLIONS game.

    255(256h257) 258Product Group 260 261The group of lotteries that has joined together to offer the MEGA MILLIONS lottery game under the terms of its Cross-Selling Agreement with the 285Mega Millions 287Lotteries, the MUSL 290A291greement and the MUSL 295Mega Millions 297Product Group rules.

    300(i) 301Selling 302or Participating 304Lotteries 305 306A state lottery that is participating in selling the MEGA MILLIONS game and that may be a member of either MUSL or the 329Mega Millions 331Lotteries.

    332(333j334) 335Set 336P337rize 338 339All prizes except the 343Jackpot 344Prize and, except as set forth in paragraph (3539354)355(356i357), will be equal to the prize amount established by 367the 368Product Group 370for the prize level.

    374(375k376) 377Winning Numbers 379 380The indicia randomly selected during a 386d387rawing event which shall be used to determine winning Plays for the MEGA MILLIONS game contained on a ticket.

    406(2) How to Play 410MEGA MILLIONS412.

    413(a) 414MEGA MILLIONS 416is a multi-state lottery 420draw 421game 422(also known as an online lottery game) which is offered to players in Florida by the Florida Lottery via authorized Florida Lottery retailers. 445In 446MEGA MILLIONS, 448players select five numbers from a field of 456one through 458seventy-five 459and 460one number 462(the “Mega Ball”) 465from a separate field of one through 472fifteen473.

    474(b) Players may make 478their ticket 480selections by marking a play slip or by telling the reta491iler their desired selections. 495There are 497five panels 499on a play slip, each containing an upper play area and a lower play area. Each panel played will cost $5201521.00 per drawing. Players may mark their desired numbers on the play slip by selecting 536five 537numbers in the upper play area and one 545number 546in the lower play are551a 552from each panel played. Players 557may also mark the “QP562 563(Quick Pick) 565box located at the bottom of each play area for the terminal to randomly select 580one or more numbers 584from the 586applicable 587play area589. 590A “Void” box is also located at the bottom of each panel and should be marked by the player if an error was made in his 616or her selections in a panel. 622For each panel played, the first five of the six numbers appearing i635n a single horizontal row on a 642ticket shall be the numbers selected from the upper play area of the play slip, an658d the last number shall be the 665number selected from the lower play area of the play slip.

    676(677c678) Players must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. Play slips must be processed by a retailer in order to obtain a ticket. Retailers also are authorized to manually enter numbers selected by a player.

    718(719d720) 721Advance Play. 723Players may play up to twenty-six consecutive drawings by using the “advance play” feature. T738o use the advance play feature, players may either mark the number of 751available 752drawings desired in the “Advance Play” section of a play slip or tell the retailer their desired number of consecutive advance drawings. The number of consecutive drawings marked will include the next available drawing and will apply to each panel (A-E) played. 794Advance play is not available with 800Jackpot Combo. 802In the event that a planned change in the MEGA MILLIONS game requires that the number of advance plays available for purchase be reduced to zero before implementation of the change, an advance play countdown schedule will be posted on the Lottery’s website845.

    846(847e848) 849Jackpot Combo. Players may elect to play “Jackpot Combo” 858by marking the “Jackpot Combo $5” 864box on the play slip 869or 870by telling 872the retailer. 874Players 875will 876receive three Quick Pick tickets 881for the next available drawing 886consisting of one $2.00 FLORIDA LOT892TO893® 894with XTRA ticket, one $2.00 899POWERBALL900® 901ticket and one $1905.00 906MEGA MILLIONS908® 909ticket910. 911Tickets in Jackpot Combo play cannot be player s920elected and cannot be canceled.

    925(f) For an additional $1.00 per play, players may mark the Megaplier937® 938box to multiply the second through ninth prizes. Megaplier will apply to all panels 952and advance play marked.

    956(3) Drawings.

    958(a) 959MEGA MILLIONS d962rawings shall be conducted 966by 967the MEGA MILLIONS Lotteries 971two times per week, on 976Tuesdays 977and 978Fridays, 979at 980approximately 98111:00 982p.m983. 984Eastern Time (ET).

    987(b) The Florida Lottery shall not be responsible for incorrect circulation, publication or broadcast of official winning numbers.

    1005(4) Determination of Prize Winners.

    1010In order for a ticket to be a winning ticket, numbers appearing in a single horizontal row on the ticket must match the official 1034MEGA MILLIONS Winning N1038umbers 1039in any order for the draw1045ing 1046date for which the ticket was purchased, in one of the followi1058ng combinations:

    1060(a) 1061Jackpot 1062Prize: Five 1064numbers selected from the first set of 1071balls plus 1073the 1074number selected from the second set of balls.

    1082(b) 1083Second Prize: Five numbers selected from the first set of balls and not 1096the number selected 1099from the second se1103t of balls.

    1106(c) Third Prize: 1109Four numbers selected from the first set of balls plus 1119the number 1121selected from the second set of balls.

    1128(d) 1129Fourth Prize: Four numbers selected from the first set of balls and not 1142the number 1144selected 1145from the second set of ba1151lls.

    1152(e) 1153Fifth Prize: Three numbers selected from the first set of balls plus 1165the 1166number 1167selected from the second set of balls.

    1174(f) 1175Sixth Prize: 1177Three numbers selected from the first set of balls and not the number selected from the second set of balls.

    1197(g) Seventh Prize: 1200Two numbers selected from the first set of balls plus the number selected 1213from the second set of balls.

    1219(h) 1220Eighth Prize: One number selected from the first set of balls plus 1232the number 1234selected from the second set of balls.

    1241(i) Ninth Prize: 1244No 1245numbers selected from the first set of balls and 1254the number 1256selected 1257from the second set of balls.

    1263(5) Limited to Highest Prize Won. 1269The holder of a winning ticket may win only one prize per 1281p1282lay in connection with the winning numbers drawn, and shall be entitled only to the prize won by those numbers in the highest matching prize category. 1308All liabilities for a MEGA MILLIONS prize are discharged upon payment of a prize claim.

    1323(132461325) 1326Odds of Winning.

    1329(a) The odds of winning the prizes described in subsection (4) are as follows:

    13431. 1344Jackpot 1345Prize 1346 13471: 1348258,890,850.00

    13512. Second Prize 1354 13551: 135618,492,203.57

    13593. Third Prize 1362 13631: 1364739,688.14

    13664. Fourth Prize 1369 13701: 137152,834.87

    13735. Fifth Prize 1376 13771: 137810,720.12

    13806. Sixth Prize 1383 13841: 1385765.75

    13867. Seventh Prize 1389 13901: 1391472.95

    13928. Eighth Prize 1395 13961: 139756.47

    13989. Ninth Prize 1401 14021: 140321.39

    1404(b) The overal1407l odds of winning a prize in a MEGA MILLIONS 1417drawing are 1:142014.711421.

    1422(142371424) 1425MEGA MILLIONS 1427Prize Pool.

    1429(a) 1430The 1431MEGA MILLIONS Prize Pool 1435for all 1437prize 1438categories 1439shall consist of up to fifty-five percent 1446of each drawing period’s sales1451. 1452The MEGA MILLIONS Prize Pool shall be funded in accordance with criteria set by the Product Group.

    1469(1470b1471) 1472Expected 1473P1474rize 1475P1476ayout 1477P1478ercentages. The 1480Jackpot 1481Prize shall be determined on a pari-m1488utuel basis. 1490Except as provided in these rules, all other prizes awarded shall be paid as set prizes with the following expected prize payout percentages, 1513although the actual prize payout percentage per drawing will vary by drawing.




    1525Estimated 1526Percentage of




    1531Prize 1532Pool Allocated




    1536to Prize Category

    1539Five first set numbers and the 1545one 1546number 1547of the second set

    1551Jackpot 1552Prize

    1553Jackpot 1554Prize


    1557Five first set numbers 1561and none of the second set

    1567Second Prize



    1574Four first set numbers and the 1580one 1581number 1582of the second set

    1586Third Prize



    1594Four first set numbers 1598and none of the second set

    1604Fourth Prize



    1611Three first set numbers and the 1617one 1618number 1619of the second set

    1623Fifth Prize



    1629Three first set numbers and none of the second set

    1639Sixth Prize



    1645Two first set numbers and the one number of the second set

    1657Seventh Prize



    1663One first set number and the 1669one 1670number 1671of the second set

    1675Eighth Prize



    1681None of the first set numbers and the one number of the second set

    1695Ninth Prize



    1701(1702c1703) 1704Prize money allocated to the 1709Jackpot 1710Prize category will be divided equally by the number of 1720Plays 1721determined to be winners of the 1727Jackpot 1728Prize.

    1729(1730d1731) 1732The number of plays determined to be winners of the 1742S1743econd 1744through 1745N1746inth 1747P1748rize 1749levels 1750will be paid as 1754Set Prizes, 1756except as provided in paragraph (176291763)(1764i1765), 1766below. If all or any portion of the set prize pool is not awarded in the current 1783MEGA 1784MILLIONS 1785drawing, that portion of the set prize pool shall be 1795carried forward to subsequent MEGA MILLIONS 1801drawings.

    1802(1803e1804) 1805Any int1807erest or earnings accrued on a 1813MEGA MILLIONS Set Prize 1817prior to prize payment shall accrue to 1824MUSL 1825and not to the winner.

    1830(183181832) 1833MEGA MILLIONS 1835Jackpot 1836Prize.

    1837(a) 1838The prize money 1841available in the Jackpot Prize 1846p1847ool will be divided equally among all 1854Jackpot 1855prize 1856winning 1857Plays 1858in all 1860Participating Lotteries1862. 1863Neither 1864MUSL, 1865Mega Millions Lotteries 1868nor the Florida Lottery shall be responsible or liable for the difference between the Advertised or estimated Jackpot Prize amount and the actual Jackpot Prize amount after the prize payment method is known to 1902MUSL 1903and Mega Millions Lotteries.

    1907(1908b1909) Players can cho1913ose one of two payment options for receiving their portion of the MEGA MILLIONS 1927Jackpot Prize1929. Payment options are “Cash Option” and “Annual Payment.” 1938Jackpot 1939Prize winners have sixty days after the winning draw date to choose between the two payment options. Once the 1958Jackpot 1959Prize winner signs the Winner Claim Form, files a claim and exercises the winner19731974s chosen option, the election of that option shall be final and cannot be revoked, withdrawn or otherwise changed except as provided in 1997sub1998paragraph (200082001)(2002d2003) 20044., 2005below.

    2006(2007c2008) 2009Cash Option Payment.

    2012The Cash Option amount offered shall be the Grand Prize annuity amount as determined by the M2029ega 2030M2031illions 2032Lotteries, 2033divided by a rate established by the M2041ega Millions 2043Finance Committee prior to each drawing, divided by the number of total Jackpot Prize winning plays. 2059In order to select the Cash Option, the 2067Jackpot 2068Prize winner must submit his or her ticket for payment within sixty days after the winnin2084g draw date. If the 2089Jackpot 2090Prize 2091winner does not elect the Cash Option within sixty days after the winning draw date, the Annual Payment option will be applied, except as provided in 2117sub2118paragraph (212082121)(2122d2123)21242., 2125below. 2126A Jackpot Prize winner who chooses the Cash Option payment w2137ill 2138be paid in a single 2143cash 2144payment, 2145less applicable 2147federal income tax 2150withholding2151.

    2152(2153d2154) 2155Annual Payment Option.

    21581. The prize amount of a Jackpot Prize winner electing the Annual Payment option shall be the Annuitized Jackpot Prize amount, as determined by the 2183Mega Millions 2185lotteries, divided by the number of total Jackpot Prize winning Plays. 2196If a 2198Jackpot 2199Prize winner elects the Annual Payment option, his or her share of the 2212Jackpot 2213Prize will be paid in 2218thirty graduated 2220annual installments, each less applicable withholding taxes. 2227The Florida Lottery will make the initial and any subsequent payments of a prize upon receipt of funds for such prize from MUSL. 2250The initial payment shall be paid upon completion of internal validation procedures. The subsequent twenty-2265nine 2266payments shall be paid 2270annually to coincide with the month of the Federal auction date at which the bonds were purchased to fund the annuity. 2291Payments shall escalate by a factor of five percent 2300annually, 2301and annual payments shall be rounded down to the nearest even one thousand dollar increment. 2316All such payments shall be made within seven days of the annivers2328ary of the annual auction date.

    23342. 2335If individual 2337winners’ 2338shares of the cash held to fund Annual Payments are less than $250,0002352.00, 2353the Product Group 2356is authorized 2358to pay the winners their share of the cash held in the 2370Jackpot 2371Prize pool.

    23733. 2374Annuitized payment of the 2378Jackpot 2379P2380rize or a share of the 2386Jackpot 2387P2388rize will be rounded 2392to facilitate the purchase of an appropriate funding mechanism. Rounding differences on an annuitized 2406Jackpot 2407P2408rize win shall be added to the first cash payment to the winner or winners. Prizes other than the 2427Jackpot 2428P2429rize, which under this rule may become single-payment, pari-mutuel prizes, will be rounded down so that prizes can be paid in multiples of whole dollars. Rounding differences resulting from rounding these prizes shall be carried forward to the 2467MEGA MILLIONS Prize Pool 2471for the next drawing.

    24754. 2476In the event of the death during t2484he annuity payment period of a MEGA MILLIONS 2492winner who elected the Annual Payment option, the estate of the deceased winner (the “Estate”) may file a petition with the Florida Lottery to accelerate payment of all the remaining 2522prize proceeds to the Estate. 2527Such petition will be forwarded by the Florida Lottery to MUSL for processing. 2540MUSL will decide, in its sole discretion, whether or not to grant the payment, and if so, the form of such payment, whether in securities or cash.

    2567(2568e2569) Guaranteed Minimum Jackpot Prize2574. 2575The minimum guaranteed annuity 2579MEGA MILLIONS 2581Jackpot Prize amount is $15 million 2587and each successive Jackpot Prize in the same roll cycle will be at least $5 million more than the previously established 2608J2609ackpot.

    2610(2611f2612) 2613Jackpot prizes won, 2616including guaranteed Jackpot prizes, 2620shall be funded by the Selling Lotteries in accordance with the formula set by the M2636ega Millions 2638Lotteries.

    2639(2640g2641) If the Jackpot Prize is not won in a drawing, the prize money allocated for the Jackpot Prize shall roll over and be added to the Jackpot Prize pool for the following drawing.

    2675(2676h2677) Federal income taxes shall be applied and withheld from the prize amount at the time payment is made, pursuant to applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and Code of Federal Regulations.

    2710(2711i2712) 2713Any int2715erest or earnings accrued on a MEGA MILLIONS 2723Jackpot 2724Prize prior to prize payment shall accrue to MUSL and not to the winner.

    2738(273992740) 2741MEGA MILLIONS Megaplier2744®2745.

    2746(a) 2747The Megaplier Prize Pool. The Megaplier2753® 2754Prize Pool for Megaplier prize categories shall consist of up to fifty-five percent of each drawing period’s sales. The Megaplier Prize Pool shall be funded in accordance with criteria set by the Product Group. The actual prize payout percentage per drawing will vary by drawing. The Megaplier Prize Pool shall be carried forward to subsequent drawings if all or a portion of it is not needed to pay the Megaplier prizes award2826ed in the current drawing.

    2831(b) 2832The Megaplier option shall be available in association with the MEGA MILLIONS game. 2845At the time of purchasing a ticket, a player may choose the Megaplier 2858feature 2859for an additional $1.00 per play for each play on the 2870MEGA MILLIONS ticket to increase the guaranteed prize amount for the 2881second 2882through ninth tier 2885prizes2886. 2887The MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot Prize is not eligible for incr2897ease under the Megaplier option.

    2902(2903c2904) Megaplier 2906Drawing2907. A 2909separate 2910random 2911Megaplier 2912drawing will occur before every 2917MEGA MILLIONS 2919drawing to determine one multiplier number 2925for that drawing, 2928which 2929will be 2931a 2, 3, 4 2935or 52937. The multiplier number drawn will be 2944used to multiply the value of the 2951prizes for the 2954second 2955through ninth tiers. In the event 2961the multiplier drawing does not occur prior to the 2970MEGA MILLIONS 2972drawing, the multiplier number will be a 297952980. 2981The multiplier number may also be referred to as the Megaplier number.

    2993(2994d2995) 2996The following table sets forth the probability of the various 3006multiplier 3007numbers being drawn during a single 3013Megaplier 3014drawing.


    3016Probability of Prize Increase


    30226 in 15


    30263 in 15


    30304 in 15


    30342 in 303615

    3037Multiplier numbers do not apply to the MEGA MILLIONS Jackpot Prize

    3048(3049e3050) Application of multiplier number.

    30551. 3056Second 3057through 3058N3059inth 3060P3061rizes3062. The multiplier number selected is the number 3070that is used to increase the prize amount for the 3080S3081econd 3082through 3083N3084inth 3085P3086rizes. 3087A 3088S3089econd 3090through 3091N3092inth 3093P3094rize 3095winner who purchases the Megaplier feature 3101with his or her MEGA MILLIONS ticket shall be 3110paid a prize in the amount of the 3118set 3119prize 3120amount multiplied 3122by the multiplier number for that drawing.

    312923130. 3131Jackpot 3132P3133rize. The Megaplier feature does not apply to the 3142Jackpot 3143P3144rize.

    3145(f) 3146The 3147Product Group 3149is authorized to conduct sa3154les promotions in which the mul3160tiplier 3161features 3162are 3163changed3164.

    3165(3166g3167) 3168MEGA MILLIONS 3170tickets that 3172win 3173the 3174S3175econd through 3177N3178inth 3179P3180rize3181s 3182with 3183the 3184Megaplier 3185option 3186will pay the amounts shown below3192:





    3197With Megaplier


    3200With Me3202gaplier


    3204With Megaplier


    3207With Megaplier


    3210Match 5+0







    3228Match 4+1







    3241Match 4+0







    3253Match 3+1







    3261Match 3+0







    3269Match 2+1







    3281Match 1+1







    3293Match 0+1







    3305(3306h3307) 3308If, with respect to a single MEGA MILLIONS drawing, the total of the MEGA MILLIONS 3323Set Prizes 3325and the 3327Megaplier 3328prizes awarded in a drawing 3333exceeds the percentage 3336of 3337the prize pools allocated to the 3343Set Prizes, 3345and there are 3348in3349sufficient 3350funds from all sources 3354to pay the 3357Set Prizes 3359for a particular 3362MEGA MILLIONS 3364drawing 3365(including Megaplier prize amounts), then the 3371highest 3372Set Prize 3374(including the Megaplier prize amount) 3379shall become 3381a 3382pari-mutuel prize. 3384If the amount of the highest 3390Set Prize, 3392when paid on a 3396pari-mutuel 3397basis, drops to or below the next highest 3405Set Prize 3407and there are still not sufficient funds to pay the remaining 3418Set Prizes, 3420the next highest 3423Set Prize, 3425including 3426the Megapl3428ier prize amount, shall become a pari-mutuel prize. 3436This procedure shall continue down 3441through all 3443Set Prize 3445levels, i3447f necessary, until all 3451Set Prize 3453levels become pari3456-mutuel. 3457MEGA MILLIONS and Megaplier prizes will be 3464reduced by the same percentage.

    3469(3470i3471) 3472MEGA MILLIONS 3474set prizes 3476that 3477become pari-mutuel will be rounded down so that they can be paid in multiples of whole dollars. Funds remaining after rounding shall be carried forward to the prize pool for the next 3509MEGA MILLIONS 3511drawing.

    3512(3513j3514) 3515MEGA MILLIONS with Megaplier 3519prizes shall be paid in single, lump-sum payment, 3527less 3528any 3529applicable federal income tax withholding.

    3534(35351353603537) 3538MEGA MILLIONS 3540Rules and Prohibitions.

    3543(a) 3544By purchasing a 3547MEGA MILLIONS 3549ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules of the Florida Lottery.

    3565(b) 3566Florida 3567MEGA MILLIONS 3569prizes shall be claimed only through a Florida Lottery retailer or Lottery office beginning on the day following the drawing. The 3590Florida 3591Lottery is not authorized to accept claims or pay prizes for 3602MEGA MILLIONS 3604tickets purchased in other jurisdictions. 3609MEGA MILLIONS 3611prize payments shall be made in accordance with 3619the rule 3621of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    3653(c) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and on-line system 3664availability, 3665MEGA MILLIONS 3667lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:036820 midnight 3684(3685ET3686)3687. 3688Ticket sales for a specific 3693MEGA MILLIONS 3695drawing will close at 10:00 p.m. 3701(3702ET3703), 3704on the night of the drawing. Any ticket sold after the close of game will 3719be printed with the next 3724MEGA MILLIONS 3726draw3727ing 3728date.

    3729(d) 3730MEGA MILLIONS tickets 3733cannot be canceled.

    3736(11) The effective date of th3742is 3743emergency rule is October 374718, 374820163749.

    3750Rulemaking 3751Authority 375224.1053753(9)(a), (b), (c), (e), (f), (h), 375924.109(1), 376024.115(1) FS. 3762Law Implemented, 24.1376505(9)(a), (b), (c) (e), (f), 3770(h), 377124.115(1), 377224.124(1) FS. 3774History37753776New 377710-137788-16, 3779Replaces 53ER13-3781703782.