53ER99. Emergency Rule For Year 1999  

53ER99-1. Instant Game 56 Specifics
53ER99-2. Instant Game 57 Specifics
53ER99-3. Florida Lottery's Million Dollar Flamingo Fortune Game Show
53ER99-4. Instant Game 59 Specifics
53ER99-5. Instant Game 61 Specifics
53ER99-6. Instant Game 62 Specifics
53ER99-7. Instant Game 64 Specifics
53ER99-8. Instant Game 47 Specifics
53ER99-10. Administrative Leave for Mentoring and Tutoring Activities
53ER99-11. Instant Bingo Game No. 63, "LUCKY 7'S DOUBLE BINGO."
53ER99-12. Instant Game 20 Specifics
53ER99-13. Retailer Sales Incentive Program
53ER99-14. Instant Bingo Game No. 63, "LUCKY 7'S DOUBLE BINGO."
53ER99-15. Administrative Leave for Family Activities
53ER99-16. Instant Game 69 Specifics
53ER99-18. Instant Game 65 Specifics
53ER99-19. Instant Game 66 Specifics
53ER99-20. FANTASY 5 Drawings
53ER99-21. Instant Game 70 Specifics
53ER99-22. Instant Game 74 Specifics
53ER99-23. Instant Game 73 Specifics
53ER99-24. Instant Game 68 Specifics
53ER99-26. Instant Game 75 Specifics
53ER99-27. FLORIDA LOTTO and FANTASY 5 Prize Allocation
53ER99-28. Instant Game 53 Specifics
53ER99-29. Instant Game 67 Specifics
53ER99-30. WIN FOR LIFE Retailer Incentive
53ER99-31. Instant Game 72 Specifics
53ER99-32. Instant Game 71 Specifics
53ER99-33. Instant Game 76 Specifics
53ER99-34. Instant Game 79 Specifics
53ER99-35. Holidays and Other Authorized Activities
53ER99-37. Procedure for Procurement of Merchandise to be Awarded as Prizes
53ER99-38. Instant Game 77 Specifics
53ER99-39. FLORIDA LOTTO Advance Play Complimentary Ticket
53ER99-40. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules
53ER99-41. Instant Game 78 Specifics
53ER99-42. Payment of Prizes on FLORIDA LOTTO Advance Play Tickets
53ER99-43. Instant Game 80 Specifics
53ER99-44. Instant Game 47 Specifics
53ER99-46. Instant Game 81 Specifics
53ER99-47. Instant Game 82 Specifics
53ER99-48. Florida Lottery Prize Payment Option Election
53ER99-49. Instant Game 58 Specifics
53ER99-50. Instant Bingo Game Number 87, "BONUS CARD BINGO."
53ER99-51. Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO Bonus Commission Program
53ER99-52. Instant Game 83 Specifics
53ER99-53. Instant Game 84 Specifics
53ER99-54. Instant Game 85 Specifics
53ER99-55. Instant Game 86 Specifics
53ER99-56. Instant Game 89 Specifics
53ER99-57. Florida Lottery "Big Sales Gain" Retailer Incentive Promotion
53ER99-59. FLORIDA LOTTO Advance Play Complimentary Ticket
53ER99-60. Payment of Prizes on FLORIDA LOTTO Advance Play Tickets
53ER99-61. Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO Bonus Commission Program
53ER99-62. Public Information
53ER99-63. Confidential Information
53ER99-64. CUPID CASH Instant Ticket Retailer Incentive
53ER99-65. Instant Game 92 Specifics
53ER99-66. Instant Game 90 Specifics
53ER99-67. CUPID CASH Retailer Display Contest